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Next-gen 3-wheel truck has 360 degree steering

09 November 2023

FIVE FEATURES are said to separate the latest 48V Mitsubishi EDiA EM forklift truck from its electric and diesel rivals.

“This latest generation of the EDiA EM sees a design classic evolve into a game-changing new model that has already seen it win two international awards,” says Stewart Gosling of Red Diamond Distribution, distributors for Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks. “In particular, five features differentiate this 1.4-2.0 tonne 3-wheel 48V from any rival, IC engine or electric.”

For high-speed, tight-turn operations, EDiA EM offers 360-degree steering to deliver smooth, non-stop manoeuvres. “By eliminating the usual 'pause' associated with a 3-point turn, valuable seconds are shaved off each and every manoeuvre,” says Stewart. “That significantly increases throughput over a busy shift. And, because 360-degree steering puts less force on the load, the result is faster, safer, and more stable handling with far less risk of load shedding.”

Developed to work inside and outside as fast as any engine truck, EDiA EM holds an extra advantage over diesel and LPG models. Slippery conditions – such as ice – cause wheel spin on an engine truck. Not with EDiA EM. It’s unique electric differential lock automatically engages, eliminating wheel-spin and ensuring the truck retains perfect traction.

Steep inclines and ramps – traditional ‘no-go’ areas for electric models – pose no problems thanks to AutoBoost which automatically delivers additional torque and acceleration when and where it’s needed. Already an award-winning feature, it was described by the UKMHA jury as a “game-changer, transformative in facilitating the switch from engine to electric forklifts.”

In common with other Mitsubishi forklift trucks, EDiA EM incorporates a series of intelligent systems to ensure precise, intuitive performance that's tailored to the individual operator. Its latest Sensitive Drive System (SDS) intuitively learns how each individual operator wants to work and automatically adjusts handling characteristics to suit them. 

According to Stewart: “The result is perfect synchronicity of drive motors and flawless transfer of power. Everything is in perfect balance for the smoothest most predictable and productive performance.”

Completing the round-up of unique features is Adaptive Lift Control (ALC). Developed to ensure the smoothest-ever lift, lower and tilt functions, ALC senses the weight of each load and delivers precisely the right hydraulic power. “It means the speed of every operation remains constant and utterly predictable whatever the load,” adds Stewart.

“Like many of the world’s most iconic products – like the Posche 911 and the Apple iPhone – the EDiA EM is the result of evolution allied to revolution,” concludes Stewart. “This incarnation sees it exceed both competitor offerings and customer expectations. It’s a double international award-winner for good reasons. Five unique ones.”

For more information, visit www.mitsubishi-forklift.co.uk