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3PL deploys robotic process automation to push efficiency

04 July 2024

Chinese logistics company SF Supply Chain has applied robotic process automation (RPA) to routine data entry in its warehouses.

THE OPERATION of a warehouse for SF Supply Chain involved repetitive work, including data processing, report consolidation and filing between the WMS and third-party applications. They were time-consuming tasks that could impair resources needed for more valuable activities.

As a result, SF Supply Chain implemented an RPA from UiPath system for data processing in its warehouses.

In an RPA pilot project, SF Supply Chain’s centre of excellence (CoE) team worked with the company’s digital committee, and selected ten important warehouse sites as their testing points.

In a SF Supply Chain site that handles over 10,000 orders every month, the RPA solution was adopted to manage courier data entry, which was previously handled by two full-time staff. The RPA robots handle highly repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

The extremely low error attribute of RPA technology also avoids manual operation errors, setting the foundation for higher quality customer service. 

In addition, SF Supply Chain can make tailored solutions for customers according to their business models and workflow systems, helping customers to control operating costs, improve overall efficiency, and operating revenues.

The CoE team is developing new robots in the supply chain area, handling tasks such as order printing, parcel collection, and wave picking with a goal to standardise services.