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Addverb Technologies appoints Pieter Feenstra

13 April 2022

FEENSTRA HAS been appointed to CEO for the EMEA region for the robotics company that delivers both fixed and flexible automation.

Pieter Feenstra will represent Addverb at LogiMAT 2022 from May 31-June 2. Addverb will be in Hall 3, booth D41 and will showcase the Zippy 10 (sortation robot), Quadron (shuttle for totes), and Dynamo 200 (Autonomous Mobile Robot).

This hire comes amongst Addverb’s recent global expansion across US and Europe markets.

“We are excited and committed to leading warehouse innovation on a global scale,” says Sangeet Kumar, co-founder and CEO of Addverb. “We are proud to welcome Pieter as CEO of EMEA region. Under his leadership we will serve our customer in the region in the right way. His thought leadership and rich experience will help us build a strong team.”

Feenstra has a proven track record of project-driven warehouse automation business in different parts of Europe, Australia, India and other parts of Asia and the United States. With nearly 30 years of experience in supply chain automation, alongside his strong aptitude for business growth and automation, he is well-equipped to grow the business for Addverb in EMEA.

“Addverb is uniquely positioned due to the fact that they have both fixed as well as mobile robotic solutions, all backed up by a strong software suite,” says Pieter Feenstra. “I think the more traditional types of automation will remain important and they have their place, but to be able to complement that with modern mobile robotic solutions is key and that is exactly the reason why I am very excited to be part of the Addverb family.”

Prior to joining Addverb, Feenstra was the CEO of Supply Chain Automation North America for Körber. Before his time with Körber, he spent 20 years in various executive roles for Swisslog across the world.

For more information, visit addverb.com