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Aluminium firm takes 30 tonne sideloader

15 August 2023

Italian aluminium specialist Profilglas has added a new 30 tonne capacity Baumann sideloader to its fleet at the foundry and production facility in Bellocchi di Fano, on the Adriatic coast.

THE GXS 300 is one of the largest sideloaders ever built and will be used in the transportation of aluminium billets across the extensive 300,000 sq m (74 acres) site.

What began as a business of just 20 people in 1982, producing frames for double glazing, has rapidly expanded to cover a wide range of sectors, from construction to the automotive sector, electronics, household appliances, mechanics and more. 

Today, over 1,000 employees work for the group and under the ownership of brothers Giancarlo and Stefano Paci, turnover exceeded €1bn in 2022.

Profilglas acquired its first 15 tonne capacity Baumann in 2021. The use of this latest GXS series truck will allow the company to produce heavier and wider billets, adding further efficiencies to its continuous casting lines, hot and cold rolling mills, and tube and plate production.

A 50 tonne capacity Baumann GXS truck, the World’s largest, has already been produced for an Austrian fruit juice business, and 60 tonne capacity machines are now also in development. The irony of one of the world’s largest sideloaders being used for a product known for its lightweight properties is not lost on domestic sales chief, Andrea Zuliani. Said Zuliani:  “The finished product maybe light, but the loads here are considerable, and more lifting capacity means higher levels of productivity are possible. We’ve also added additional tilting on the fork carriage, air conditioning, an automatic greasing system, rear camera and a steel deck with timber bearers for added practicality and greater durability.”

Automatic stabilisation

All the advantages of the Baumann sideloaders, such as the automatic stabilisation system or the hydraulic bushings under the cab, can be found in this series as standard, while the bespoke masts and highly dimensioned components add further levels of productivity and reliability.

Adds Andrea: “Customers looking for these large capacity machines often have limited options when it comes to moving very heavy loads in a space and time efficient manner. Typically, the industry applications are metals, but we also have examples in container handling and structural steel works. With these giants, the frame, drive axle and steering axle are reliable, stable and designed for a long life. It also means they are able to lift loads at extended load centres for greater flexibility.”

Profilglas produces more than 200,000 tonnes of aluminium products each year and delivers to 90 countries worldwide. Aluminium’s combination of lightweight, corrosion resistance, and design flexibility makes it popular for building facades, windows, doors, roofing, and structural elements in modern architecture.

It is extensively used in the aerospace industry for aircraft components, in the automotive industry for vehicle bodies, frames, and engine components, and in the railway industry for lightweight train carriages and components. 

Other properties, such as malleability, conductivity and recyclability also contribute to its widespread use.

Concludes Andrea: “Any sales advisor will tell you that it is a fantastic feeling to have a product that solves a difficult problem or helps their business to grow. The speed, handling capabilities and longevity of the GXS Series is something we are rightly proud of and seeing the machine well-received at Profilglas is a great feeling.”

For more information, visit www.baumann-sideloaders.com