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Asda invests in end-to-end supply chain IT

05 October 2021

THE UK retail market is one of the most dynamic in the world, and Asda has elected to move IT management of its end-to-end supply chain and retail operations to Blue Yonder.

Asda will implement several SaaS-based capabilities within Blue Yonder’s Luminate Planning, Luminate Commerce and Luminate Logistics, as well as Luminate Control Tower, all running on the Luminate Platform.

With the company needing to transition from its legacy solutions as a result of moving to a UK-based ownership, Asda was looking for end-to-end retail solutions that would cover commercial, supply chain, logistics, and retail operations. This includes artificial intelligence- (AI) powered forecasting, end-to-end supply chain visibility, omni-channel fulfilment, and workforce management capabilities.

With Blue Yonder, Asda will be able to:

  • Use machine learning (ML) at scale to provide a demand projection with calculated business impact and risk that enables better inventory management, waste reduction and an improved understanding of demand drivers and customer behaviours.
  • Leverage ML to optimise pricing strategies.
  • Horizon scan thanks to visibility into forecasting, fulfilment and transportation.
  • Gain inbound visibility of domestic and import orders.
  • Provide Asda colleagues in stores and in distribution centres with a workforce management capability.

Asda chief information officer, Carl Dawson says: “We are embarking on a large-scale, exciting business transformation project to build our future, in which we want to work with the very best retail technology providers in the market with proven experience and world-class capabilities. We are looking forward to implementing this project with our strategic partner Blue Yonder, as we continue to build a fast, effective and agile business.”

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