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Atlanta uses LogiMAT to launch robotic pallet wrapping

28 February 2024

PALLET WRAPPING automation specialists, Atlanta, showcased a range of innovations at this year’s LogiMAT exhibition.

The firm unveiled two of its latest machines: the NEOS mobile robot pallet wrapper, featuring laser safety detection and blue spot projection, and the NOVA compact ring pallet wrapper operating with a small platform AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) transporting an order picked demo pallet.

Atlanta’s NEOS mobile robot pallet wrapper is said to be redefining the standards of efficiency and automation in warehouse logistics. NEOS stands out for its integration of the ARYA system, a patented technology that automates the entire wrapping process, eliminating manual intervention to attach the film to the pallet. This innovation not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures consistency and safety, making it a pivotal advancement in semi-automatic stretch wrapping technologies.

NEOS is designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic that signifies a departure from traditional models, embodying a new era of design in warehouse automation. Its robust features include a dual-motor PS pre-stretching carriage that minimises film consumption while maximising functional reliability, setting new benchmarks in the industry. With an increased battery capacity of 120Ah and a user-friendly 7-inch touchscreen interface for easy programming, NEOS is equipped to deliver unparalleled performance.

In addition, Atlanta will also be displaying the compact NOVA with ‘close fitting’ guarding not only emphasises a minimal factory footprint but also removes the need for drop off and pick-ups with the more traditional conveyorised alternatives. This setup indicates Atlanta’s commitment to creating space-efficient, seamlessly integrated automation solutions.

Both innovations represent a technological leap forward, positioning Atlanta at the forefront of automation solutions and redefining the future of warehouse wrapping.

For more information, visit www.atlantastretch.com