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Post-sorting process to meet spikes and dips

03 July 2024

Fortna has launched the OptiSweep robotic solution to automate the post-sorting process in high-volume distribution centres.

THE SOLUTION seeks to automate the consolidation and transportation of small orders away from sortation systems, using Geek+ robots to collect orders from sorter divert locations and bring them to goods-to-person locations to deposit orders for bulk consolidation and outbound processes. Fortna WCS software and its proprietary algorithms orchestrate the workflow, managing the mobile robots and communicating with the sorter and consolidation stations to maximise efficiency and balance product flow.

The OptiSweep is designed to replace manual operations and a bombay sorter. Traditionally, high-volume distribution centres use large linear and loop sorters to organise packages into categories, diverting them down appropriate chutes into destination-specific bags. These processes often have workers assigned to monitor specific destinations, physically remove items and walk them to a consolidation station for downstream processes. 

The Fortna OptiSweep solution significantly reduces these labour requirements and provides ergonomic improvements. It eliminates the need for workers to bend and reach into bags to move items and substantially cuts the distance and time spent walking in the warehouse.

Fortna CEO Rob McKeel, says: “Labour challenges are ubiquitous across supply chains, and this post-sorting process is a prime example, marked by frequent over- or understaffing. Businesses need automation solutions that provide consistent outcomes and can scale to match the spikes and dips of eCommerce. OptiSweep exhibits how Fortna is merging robotic proficiency with unmatched design and implementation capabilities to effectively address issues related to labour dependency, variable throughput demands, capacity constraints and more.”

Fortna OptiSweep integrates with sorter systems and can match a range of throughput requirements, offering processing flexibility from 4,000 to more than 34,000 pieces per hour. This throughput does not come at the price of reliability, as the solution also minimises the recirculation rate in high-volume distribution centres.

For more information, visit www.fortna.com