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BID Group launches the Klimate K2

21 October 2019

The frost free high speed door promises to improve performance in food cold stores while lowering operating costs.

Following the successful installation of 74 K2 Freezer Doors at one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains distribution centres, Klimate High Speed Doors, a trading division of BID Group, with over 25 years experience in the design, manufacture, installation, service and repair of high speed doors, has unveiled its improved revolutionary frost free high speed door, the ‘Klimate K2’. 

Reducing your carbon footprint is increasingly important these days but can be aided by using the Klimate K2 High Speed Freezer Door on Freezer and Chilled areas. The doors will help to improve traffic flow and minimise variation in temperatures which in turn will reduce costly energy loss and therefore improve the efficiency of your freezer. In addition to this the K2 Freezer door itself is energy efficient as it only requires a 20 Amp supply.

The Klimate K2 High Speed Freezer Door is versatile as it can be installed on either the chilled, ambient or freezer side of the opening.

All Klimate doors are engineered to the highest quality with a minimum of wearing parts and the K2 is no exception.  The K2 is made in the UK of heavy galvanised steel and is then powder coated providing an easily cleanable surface with maximum strength to resist impact and shocks, which are inevitable in a busy through way.

In addition to the fast operation speed other features include: 

  • An adjustable air defrost system which ensures the door remains ice and condensation free automatically switching off when the door is opened, reducing energy by up to 50%.
  • Hinged, re-settable breakaway tabs which reduce the risk of severe damage to the bottom rail in the event of impact. 
  • New generation, programmable diagnostic control panel with LED screen which shows the current status of the door.
  • Pays back on initial investment in less than two years compared to competitors doors.

Characteristic of all Klimate, high-speed doors, the simplistic nature of the door means that any minimal maintenance work can be quickly and easily undertaken in-house, drastically reducing down time and callout charges.

Hardwearing, plastic re-settable end cassettes are fitted with a monitoring switch that stops the door if it is impacted. This in-turn will require a re-set which can be undertaken without tools by onsite maintenance personnel. The switch can also be programmed to activate alarms, beacons or even send a text message or email notifying that the door has been damaged. 

The location of any fault will be clearly displayed on the new generation control unit designed for high-speed doors. Any faults and stop-downs may generally then be handled in house with the support of the Klimate technical department who are on hand when the need arises to offer free guidance.