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BMW automates warehouse for spare parts delivery

12 June 2024

Inther Group has provided conveyor systems, automated small parts warehousing with shuttles, and ergonomically tailored order-picking stations to drive faster delivery of spare parts with enhanced quality and dependability.

TO MEET the growing order volume and the increasing need for fast, on-time order production and delivery of spare parts, the warehousing at the BMW Group site in Dingolfing, Germany have been optimised and expanded. Inther was awarded the contract to implement a complete concept including an automated small parts ASRS, intelligent material flows and the latest conveyor technology.

As the heart of the logistics facility, Inther set up a new, highly automated four-aisle small parts shuttle system. With four layers of depth and 20 levels of height, the shuttle installation offers an enormous capacity of about 80,000 container spaces for storing spare parts. The dimensions of the containers used are 650 x 450 x 270mm with a maximum weight of 30kg each.

The ASRS means that more items can be stored in less space and the throughput speed of order processing can be increased.

Workstations for order-picking and packaging were set up for the picking and shipping packaging processes. In addition, three workstations were installed in the area for reception of goods. Dynamic conveyor technology connects the AS/RS and the workstations, including empty container buffers. The conveyor technology serves the workstations in cycles on special conveyor lines for source containers, destination containers, and shipping cartons at a speed of 0.8 m/sec.

Inther also connected the new automated storage and conveyor technology with the existing system technology. The visualisation of the conveyor technology is done through the Zenon software, which Inther configured to meet the specific requirements at BMW. Incoming goods processing, picking, packaging, and workstation dialogs are controlled by SAP. This also applies to the shuttle system and document printing for the shipping boxes and containers.

Inther Group will provide after-sales services for support and maintenance of the system.

For more information, visit https://inthergroup.com