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Bakers Basco strengthens equipment theft awareness campaign

22 February 2024

Bakers Basco, the collaborative initiative established by Hovis, Warburtons, Allied Bakeries, Frank Roberts & Sons, and Fine Lady Bakeries, continues to intensify its efforts to combat equipment misuse and theft.

Over the period of July 2023 into January 2024, Bakers Basco conducted driver briefings at key sites, including those of Allied Bakeries, Hovis, Warburtons, and Frank Roberts and Sons.

The driver briefings initiative, part of Bakers Basco's ongoing awareness campaign, targets delivery drivers responsible for the distribution of bread and morning goods nationwide. Stacey Brown, Bakers Basco’s national investigation manager, emphasises the importance of engaging directly with drivers to raise awareness of the organisation's operational and recovery efforts.

"In addition to their own investigations, our recovery teams rely on intelligence gathered from the drivers. They serve as ambassadors for our cause, often witnessing situations that others might not, such as missing equipment during their deliveries," says Brown.

David Chinnick, equipment planning manager at Hovis Ltd comments, "With the support of Stacey Brown (Basco), Andrew Dugmore (Basco), & Tonie Graham (Hovis), all Hovis sites have now been briefed. The site briefings have helped raise awareness of what Basco specialises in and how they support Hovis with third parties misusing equipment, theft, and recovery of Hovis equipment. Over 189 Hovis drivers and staff members have been briefed as part of this round of briefings."

The initiative not only aims to encourage drivers to report suspicious activities that aid in the recovery process but also educates them on Bakers Basco's mission to ensure the safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly transportation of bakery goods.

The initiative underscores Bakers Basco's commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the baking industry due to equipment diversion, whether through unlawful activities or accumulation at uncollected stores. The collaborative effort seeks to minimise disruptions in the supply chain, ensuring the seamless delivery of bakery products from production facilities to stores.

Bakers Basco reported an increase of 112% in briefings conducted in 2023 compared to those conducted in 2022 by its dedicated recovery team, signalling the organisation's continued commitment to reclaiming delayed, lost, or stolen equipment and reducing the industry's attrition rate. Despite progress, challenges persist, especially with unscrupulous recyclers and scrap yards contributing to the ongoing issue of equipment theft and the company intend to continue their campaign to address these perpetrators throughout 2024 with aggressive PR and marketing communication.

For any instances of abuse, the public and businesses are encouraged to report to Bakers Basco's dedicated recovery hotline at 08000 327323.

For more information, visit https://bakersbasco.com/.