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Blue Yonder to acquire One Network Enterprises for $839 million

02 April 2024

The deal will mark approximately $1 billion of investments in acquisitions since Q4 2023 and positions Blue Yonder to provide a unified end-to-end supply chain platform and collaboration ecosystem.

ONE NETWORK, provider of the Digital Supply Chain Network, is known for its autonomous and resilience services and is a leading global provider of intelligent control towers.

Blue Yonder CEO Duncan Angove says: “Supply chains have become more complex, and as more and more companies reduce risk by diversifying sourcing of products globally, there is an increased demand for the sharing of information and resources across the whole value chain. This, along with increased disruptions and geopolitical risks, have put the pressure on organisations to build more resilient and robust supply chains. Combined with One Network’s capabilities, Blue Yonder will establish itself as a leading supply chain solutions company that can offer a unified, end-to-end supply chain ecosystem that is resilient enough to withstand today’s challenges, and synthesised with innovative, future-focused technologies.”

Blue Yonder’s customers will benefit from tapping into One Network’s platform and multi-party network, leveraged by over 150,000 trading partners.

This announcement comes on the heels of Blue Yonder’s acquisition of flexis, offering factory planning, sequencing and slotting capabilities, and Doddle, offering returns management and reverse logistics solutions.