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CE certification awarded

12 May 2024

SGS, THE world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, has awarded CE certification to leading Chinese logistics equipment manufacturer Wayzim Technology in recognition of its new automated products - the Vision Singulator and Fast Scanner.

Following rigorous safety assessments and testing, the Wayzim products meet the globally recognised standards, enabling their sale on the EU market.

“We are delighted with this certification which underscores our commitment to meeting regulatory requirements for the export of our equipment worldwide,” said a spokesperson for Wayzim. “Through our partnership with SGS, we can provide a globally recognised quality and certification guarantee for our intelligent logistics equipment and enhance the international competitiveness of our products.”

The Vision Singulator and Fast Scanner feature breakthrough technologies such as deep learning, image processing and sensor control along with integral code reading, weighing, measuring and sorting functions to boost efficiency.

SGS worked in collaboration with Wayzim to undertake meticulous engineering assessments and technical proposal developments that would ensure specifications aligned with EU safety standards. This was followed by exhaustive safety structure assessments, electrical and mechanical safety tests, and electromagnetic compatibility assessments to achieve full certification.

Keith Hutchinson, SGS Deputy Director C&P Global Certification, said: “Our collaboration with Wayzim has been ground-breaking in achieving the stringent electrical and mechanical safety requirements of internationally recognized standards for intelligent logistics equipment and systems.

“We are increasingly aware of how CE certification is garnering significant attention from global logistics equipment manufacturers and integrators. Notably, beyond the EU, several countries and buyers concerned about logistics equipment and system safety also consider CE certification as a key reference point.”

In response to the huge growth in e-commerce worldwide, intelligent logistics equipment with integral automation technologies is gaining prominence among express delivery, logistics, and e-commerce enterprises.

SGS remains at the forefront of evolving global standards and leads the way in assessing logistics equipment, warehousing, and transportation systems to meet the needs of this rapidly expanding industry. Its global network support ensures a comprehensive one-stop service to the industry. 

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