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CEVA and Ferrari in new deal

13 February 2024

CEVA LOGISTICS has signed a new multi-year agreement to continue providing all logistics services for Scuderia Ferrari's cars and equipment during Grand Prix events, as well as for GT races and Ferrari Challenge events.

This extension marks the strengthening of the relationship and mutual trust between two renowned brands in the world of motorsport and logistics. As a Team Partner of Scuderia Ferrari, the CEVA Logistics logo will remain on Scuderia Ferrari's new 2024 single-seater, on the team's vehicles, and on the equipment and clothing of the drivers and racing team. 

Olivier Storch, deputy CEO, CEVA Logistics, said: “Since 2022, we have demonstrated that we have a lot in common with Ferrari. Like Scuderia Ferrari, we are constantly designing and improving our solutions. We anticipate the next changes in our sector or in our customers' ecosystems. Like Ferrari, we implement more sustainable solutions and reduce our environmental footprint. Like Ferrari, innovation is a key factor in our success. The renewal of our partnership is proof of CEVA’s ambition and ability to achieve excellence in all circumstances.”

For more information, visit www.cevalogistics.com