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BS Handling Systems launches COVID-19 support solution

11 May 2020

To help mitigate against the risk of infection and assist employee safety, BS Handling Systems has invested over £100,000 in a specialist electrostatic sanitisation system.

Designed to combat COVID-19 and other bacterial threats, it supports in-house cleaning routines to dramatically reduce the risk posed to businesses by bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID-19.

The procedure is scientifically validated and uses a revolutionary application technology, innovative chemistry and proven disinfection protocols. The biocides used are entirely safe to humans, non-tainting and completely biodegradable, but devastating to microbes, instantly killing 99.999% of germs.

Robert Brand-Smith, the company’s managing director claims, “Since launching the service we have treated over 160 sites including warehouses, offices, hotels, banks, shops and nurseries. 

“The programme, operated by our Facilities Division, is ideal as a preventative measure for infection spread. It also provides a ‘back to work’ solution for our clients in warehousing, retail, the public sector, banks, hospitality and gyms.”

Prevention is better than cure

BS Handling Systems is currently assisting multiple UK sites on either a daily or weekly basis with both reactive and preventative disinfection protocols. It stresses that both its COVID-19 support services and those of its core business continue to function under safe working practices for both its own staff and its customers’ employees. 

“Investment in the system has been a major financial commitment for us,” continues Brand-Smith. “In these unprecedented times, however, this service will not only help save businesses, but also, save lives. 

“Both our COVID-19 disinfection services and core storage, conveyor and materials handling businesses are operating fully to support companies and key organisations still working under lockdown. More importantly, when it is safe to do so, they will be ready to help by providing back to work ‘resets’ to get the economy moving again.

For more information on reactive or preventative electrostatic infection control call BS Handling Systems on 0116 289 4958 or visit http://www.bshandlingsystems.com/covid-19/.