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Charge ahead with Hyster electric forklifts

18 March 2024

Switching to Hyster electric forklifts powered by integrated lithium-ion batteries may help to reduce emissions in tough materials handling applications, while also supporting operational efficiency.

THERE ARE many reasons this approach can help businesses to Charge Ahead.

First, electric forklift trucks are not just for light-duty indoor operations. Thanks to advances in lithium-ion technology, electric forklifts can take on tasks that require high lift capacity, durability, and versatility. For example, the Hyster J2.5-3.0XNL forklift series is tough enough to operate both indoors and outdoors while lifting up to 3 tonnes. Yet produces zero tailpipe emissions.

This makes it well suited to operations in a variety of demanding industries, such as automotive, wood, metal, paper, and industrial manufacturing, where there is a heightened need for an effective solution to reducing emissions and achieving environmental goals.

To support efficiency, the Hyster J2.5-3.0XNL lift trucks are powered by an integrated lithium-ion battery that provides long periods of truck operation before recharging. Implementing opportunity charging during breaks or shifts may also help increase productivity.

The Hyster J2.5-3.0XNL series also delivers ICE-like performance combined with low energy consumption, offering excellent manoeuvrability, acceleration, travel speed, and gradability. The trucks also feature a spacious operator compartment with ergonomic design to help reduce operator fatigue and enhance comfort and productivity.

Switching to Hyster electric forklifts powered by integrated lithium-ion also offers a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when matched with the right applications.

For more information, visit https://www.hyster.com/en-gb/emea/industry-solutions/power-sources/integrated-lithium-ion