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Combat harmful noise

08 September 2023

THE UVEX xact-fit planet and xact-fit reusable earplugs deliver on comfort, protection and sustainability.

Noise is a workplace hazard that is all too easily ignored in industries including construction, food manufacturing, utilities, infrastructure, and general manufacturing. While sometimes seen simply as a distraction, it can pose serious health risks. Noise-induced hearing loss is still one of the most common occupational hazards of all as it develops painlessly, is progressive and easily goes unnoticed. This is why the PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425, introduced in 2018, officially recognises harmful noise as an irreversible health hazard (category III). Prolonged exposure to excessive noise can also affect communication and productivity as well as causing stress and fatigue and other more severe problems such as tinnitus and cardiovascular diseases.

Like any PPE, earplugs need to deliver reliable hearing protection, but wearability can be just as important to ensure compliance. As ear canals come in all different shapes and sizes, the right fit is vital to deliver all-day comfort and also ensure the optimum attenuation stated on the product. 

uvex’s xact-fit planet earplugs have been created to deliver the ideal solution, offering full-spectrum noise protection along with premium comfort. The range meets standard EN 352-2 and provides medium protection capacity (26 dB SNR), allowing excellent speech and signal recognition for easy communication. 

No one size fits all

uvex has challenged the one-size-fits-all mentality to offer custom-fitting features including different sizes, tapered structures, oval-shaped openings, and scientifically designed interior channels that accommodate a range of ear canal sizes. The novel design is based on the anatomy of the ear canal, mimicking the natural oval shape. This noticeably reduces pressure inside the ear – even when worn for extended periods – as well as allowing for fast, easy and accurate insertion.  

The xact-fit planet is engineered with premium high-density foam that adapts to the ear canal with enough expansion to ensure a secure fit without leakage. The pods make them comfortable for long periods of wear while delivering the right level of attenuation every time. Replacement pods are also available to help prolong the life of the product. 

In addition, the stem is shaped to fit either the left or right ear for optimal fit. They are as unique to each ear as a pair of shoes is to each foot – you can’t get it wrong.  

Sustainable solution 

Choosing uvex earplugs means you are not only gaining an innovative, high quality and comfortable product but also supporting your company’s sustainability targets. Our ISO 26000-accredited manufacturing facility in Sweden has cut energy consumption by 45 percent by investing in modern machinery and innovative processes.   

The earplugs are manufactured without the use of fossil fuels and use only 3.6kWh of energy for 1,000 pairs – no more than is required for producing the paper for your favourite magazine. 

Water consumption is also kept to a minimum, with only 14cl – equivalent to one Champagne glass – required to manufacture 1,000 plugs. The waste involved in creating 1,000 earplugs, meanwhile, is equivalent to a single coffee filter, with 75 percent of that waste used to generate new energy and the remainder recycled. No hazardous waste is produced. 

The ergonomic shaped fitting stems are made using 100% recycled polypropylene (PP) and the cardboard packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard. The uvex earplugs conform to both the chemicals regulation REACH and the extensive uvex list of banned substances which far exceeds EU Directives in terms of product safety and environmental compatibility.

xact-fit reusable

The uvex xact-fit reusable is the newest addition to the uvex xact-fit earplug family and can provide an even more sustainable solution. Its smooth, dirt-repellent surface can be easily cleaned using mild soap and water, so the earplugs can be reused – not only reducing waste going to landfill but also cutting costs.

Available in both small and medium/large sizes, the uvex xact-fit reusable is ideal for those who wear gloves, people who are new to wearing hearing protection, those who have difficulty fitting plugs, or health and safety managers who have concerns over the effectiveness of plug fitting.

They don’t require rolling or touching the part that goes into the ear, which reduces the risk of contamination and increases hygiene. They can therefore be used with dirty hands or while wearing gloves. Thanks to an adjustable cord, the earplugs are always conveniently to hand – in low-noise areas, they can be worn comfortably around the neck.  

They are also supplied in fully recyclable cardboard boxes and come with an earplug box for hygienic storage when not in use. 


The uvex xact-fit range ensures using earplugs has never been easier. Based on uvex’s guiding mission to protect people and planet, xact-fit represents a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice that supports fast and accurate insertion, all-day comfort, and full-spectrum noise protection.

For more information, visit https://rebrand.ly/HEARINGfit