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Combilift highlights progress at show

22 April 2024

The manufacturer’s evolving business now turns over 500 million euros plus, and has passed the milestone of 85,000 units shipped, reported Combilift at LogiMAT.

THE USA has also taken over from the UK as Combilift’s largest export market. The manufacturer also noted that 300 pieces of kit are now under Combi Connect, the company’s recently launched fleet management solution. Interestingly, the manufacturer will also evolve its trucks to a lighter shade of green, which is more visible from a safety perspective.

The manufacturer also used the LogiMAT exhibition to highlight much of its extensive range of specialist forklifts. For example, the Combi-CB70E is a further addition to Combilift’s ever growing range of electric models which offer powerful performance, extensive battery life and unrivalled ergonomics.

It boasts the distinction of being the shortest 7t capacity counterbalance truck on the market whilst also benefitting from multidirectional ability, enabling the versatile space saving handling of long and bulky loads, even in very confined spaces.

Combilift’s designers have gone to great lengths to ensure that the latest generation of models is kitted out with top quality components that ensure sophisticated ergonomics for a stress-free operator work station. Features in the spacious cab include generous glazing for excellent all-round visibility, a tilting steering column, hydraulic steering and the Grammer MSG65 seat. 

The newly developed Auto Swivel Seat is an optional feature which automatically engages and swivels the seat and armrest 15° to the right or left to accord with the direction of travel selected by the operator - reducing driver strain, particularly when travelling in reverse.

What sets the Combi-CB70E apart from other forklifts is its gas strut suspension cab, which uses components such as those found in large scale industrial machinery with cab suspension. Combined with the super-elastic tyres this guarantees the smoothest of rides over uneven or less than perfect ground conditions.     

The internationally patented and Red Dot awarded independent electric traction provides all front and rear drive wheels with 100% traction control. This negates the need for differential lock on slippery surfaces and significantly reduces long load momentum twisting when travelling sideways.  

Combilift CEO and co-founder Martin McVicar said: “The increased capacities that we are offering in our electric range will answer the demand for ever more powerful products which at the same time help companies to achieve their aims for more sustainable operations. We are confident that the Combi-CB70E will be a popular addition to our portfolio for many industry applications.”


Combilift also unveiled the Combi Safe-Lift which incorporates a strain sensor on the mast section, and a lift cut-out valve on the hydraulic line to disable lifting if the unit is being potentially overloaded. There is an audible alarm which warns the operator of an overload situation and a load moment indicator is fitted to the dashboard in the cab. The operator can instantly see from the green, amber and red traffic light signalling when there is a risk of overloading or when the forks are not fully engaged for example, and take appropriate action.  

Martin McVicar adds: “We offer the Combi Safe-Lift as an option at the moment but we believe that this simple and cost-effective system should become a standard option on all counterbalance trucks in future. Fitting a straightforward device such as the Combi Safe-Lift is an effective way to reduce risks for the operator and other personnel, and also to avoid product damage as well as costly repairs.”

For more information, visit www.combilift.com