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Corrugated fanfold launched

28 February 2024

KITE PACKAGING has launched a corrugated fan fold, a long sheet of cardboard that has been scored and folded at regular intervals to resemble a fan. 

It allows large scale businesses to produce bespoke boxes on demand when used with automated box-making machines. Its single wall C flute corrugation offers excellent resistance to crushing and compression, as well as robust stacking strength for the handling, storage, and shipment of goods.

Key features and benefits include: on-demand bespoke packaging production for various product sizes and specifications, consolidating SKU and inventory management; flexibility and lead time benefits, and enabling swift adaptation to evolving packaging needs without service disruptions. 

Kite’s fan fold is 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and can help businesses drive their CSR commitments.

Kite Packaging managing director Gavin Ashe, says: “Fan fold is a fantastic product that can be used by a variety of our customers. It was traditionally used in semi-manual format for long and flat items but has recently evolved into feed stock for automated packaging machinery that forms a box on demand. Since fan fold has great environmental benefits, we have made it standard stock product. As always at Kite, we are keen to help customers minimise their environmental footprint while providing cost-effective solutions delivered next day.”

Kite’s corrugated fan fold is available in the dimensions of 623mm x 600 and can be purchased by customers at competitive price points, with attractive discounts offered on wholesale quantities.

For more information, visit www.kitepackaging.co.uk