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Customer service boost

07 September 2023

ZOFRI WILL implement Infor's WMS to improve customer service, one of the most important performance indicators in the supply chain. The solution will be implemented by Cerca Technology, Infor's partner in Latin America.

Zofri, one of the most important centres of commerce and industry in South America, has more than 2,000 companies from different countries operating in its sites, with a wide variety of items available such as electronics, automotive, textiles, and household items. 

One of its business areas Zofri Logistics offers outsourced logistics services.

Zofri’s primary need for a WMS is to improve customer service. Previously, the real-time inventory of its clients was unknown, due to the use of multiple warehouses for the storage of merchandise. Therefore, having updated status was a task that demanded a lot of time. In addition, the process of tracking the entry and exit of goods was carried out manually, which decreased efficiency and created delays.

Zofri sought improvements in its logistics operation, and commercial repercussions were also evidenced that impacted the level of customer service.

Zofri’s selection of Infor WMS was based on a thorough technical and strategic evaluation. The company was looking for a solution that was stable and scalable over time, that was a market leader and that would enable it to manage the inventories of all its warehouses. To Zofri, visualising the warehouse in 3D is a “real plus” capability of Infor WMS. This enabled stakeholders to see a prototype of how the management of orders from its warehouses would be in real-time.

Zofri's goal is to automate its supply chain, and the selection of Infor WMS is a first step in its roadmap. In this first phase, the company will increase efficiency in its processes and improve response times to customers. Additionally, Infor WMS will help the company continue to develop its commercial competitiveness when offering services to companies in the Chilean market.

For more information, visit www.infor.com