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Cutting-edge racking solutions

12 January 2024

STAMINA STORAGE SYSTEMS, part of Stamina Handling, has collaborated with Gem Imports, a prominent UK online wholesaler, to optimise its warehouse expansion plans.

Gem Imports recently acquired an additional distribution warehouse in South Yorkshire, aiming to accommodate its growing inventory of discount products.

In a competitive tender process, Stamina Storage Systems stood out among several contenders by swiftly responding to Gem Imports' requirements and demonstrating unparalleled expertise in designing the most effective pallet racking plans. The company's site visit enabled detailed discussions on various options, including conventional racking, VNA racking, drive-in racking, and shuttle racking.

The decisive factors that led to Stamina Storage Systems securing the contract included its quick response time, commitment to delivering the most efficient storage solution, and the highest levels of health & safety. Notably, Stamina Storage Systems' ability to offer Gem Imports a money-back guarantee on the deposit, pending the lease confirmation, significantly shortened the lead time, ensuring a swift processing of the order.

The extensive project involved the design, supply, and installation of over 22,000 pallet locations in Gem Imports' new 185,000 sq ft distribution facility in Barnsley. To maximise space utilisation, Stamina Storage Systems implemented adjustable pallet racking with wide 3.2-3.3 metre aisles, allowing for increased pallet capacity while ensuring unrestricted access for conventional reach trucks designed to handle 1000kg pallets.

The company efficiently repurposed existing pallet racking from the warehouse to complete the installation, showcasing a sustainable and cost-effective approach.

Stamina Storage Systems successfully delivered the project on time and within budget, solidifying its reputation for reliability and excellence in the logistics industry.

Gem Imports Tom Wilcox explains: “Stamina Storage Systems provided an excellent service from the initial inquiry to the implementation phase of the project. They have delivered the perfect storage solution for our warehouse operation and were very competitive on price. The overall quality of their work has been excellent, and we are very pleased with the final result.”

For more information, visit staminahandling.com