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AI deepens Dexory’s insight offering

15 April 2024

DEXORY HAS released a new AI-powered logistics engine designed for warehouse optimisation, which the company describes as a first of its kind.

The engine is delivered through the firm’s multi-site, digital twin platform, DexoryView. It combines computer vision, machine learning, NLP (natural language processing) and LLM (large language models) to help warehouse operators to tackle issues such as space utilisation, inventory management, working time and machinery utilisation.

Dexory cites Gartner, which says that 60% of leaders say their supply chains have never been designed for resiliency. This can be summed up as a visibility gap, which tools such as those provided by Dexory seek to address through gathering massive amounts of data and analysing it.

The new AI functionality unlocks the next level of intelligence in DexoryView. The platform combines the use of autonomous robots to scan warehouses of 1 million sq ft and over 100 000 pallets in a day, providing accurate, instant, real time information on goods and assets across the sites it operates in. Leveraging AI algorithms, alongside the use of enhanced sensors across Dexory’s robots, DexoryView will now power logistics teams with accelerated time to insight and action to make better data-driven informed decisions on operations, expanding outside of inventory - all through one intuitive and interactive cloud platform.

Features include image analysis and machine learning that will automatically detect and address issues like damaged stock, fallen inventory and rack infrastructure damage, and sensors for environmental monitoring, including temperature, humidity and gas detection.

Dexory CEO and co-founder Andrei Danescu says: “Traditionally the logistics industry relies heavily on historical data snapshots, making it highly reactive and prone to error. The pandemic started a major shift towards real-time, actionable insights. Our autonomous robots already give an unprecedented level of visibility on inventory within warehouses. Now combined with AI, we’re allowing our customers to enter a new era of efficiency and productivity. Dexory is thrilled to be leading this transformation.”

For more information, visit www.dexory.com