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Digital capabilities added to Korrvu Packaging

19 October 2023

TO IMPROVE turnaround time from design to production, SEE has introduced new digital die cutting capabilities for its Sealed Air brand Korrvu retention and suspension packaging.

This new offering replaces traditional die tooling with digital die cutting, which speeds up production lead times from months to weeks.

Digital-first production also allows customers to place smaller minimum order quantities, so they don’t have to store excess packaging at their business. 

Korrvu retention and suspension packaging uses a strong, low-slip film to surround products, protecting them from shock and vibration with very good visibility. The packaging is kerbside recyclable with the plastic film attached to simplify recycling by consumers and improve sustainability.

SEE EMEA director protective & equipment marketing Ingo Lublow, says: “Korrvu packaging solutions were traditionally cut with physical dies that were made to order for each customer. That process could take months to perfect. Our new digital Korrvu capabilities eliminate the need for custom tooling, so our customers can get their designs prototyped, sampled, and into production much more quickly.”

With the new digital offering, customers can:

  • Get more design flexibility: Editing designs can be quicker because new physical tooling isn’t required, so customers can more easily customise designs by product, season, location, and customer. Unique cutouts and laser engraving on the corrugate help differentiate products and packaging from others in the market.
  • Switch to on-demand production and ordering: Digital technology allows high-volume and short-run Korrvu orders to be produced on demand, helping customers keep just the right amount of packaging on hand while freeing up storage space in warehouses.
  • Improve sustainability: Digital finishing simplifies the supply chain to reduce the carbon footprint. Plus, Korrvu retention and suspension packaging is made with at least 50% recycled content, is reusable, and is kerbside recyclable.

For more information, visit https://rebrand.ly/x4e5k54