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Durable and hygienic

29 August 2023

A RANGE of double action doors has been launched by Hörmann UK. 

Manufactured from polyethylene (PE500) or stainless steel, the doors are said to be suited for use in busy, high impact environments while meeting stringent hygiene standards, such as food production and distribution. Both doors are available either as single or double leaf versions in a variety of colours and finishes.

Resistant to moisture, acids, and alkalis, Hörmann double action doors are suitable for use in a range of climatic conditions within a temperature range of between -30 deg C to +60 deg C. The doors are fitted with shock-proof and maintenance free stainless-steel hinges ensuring a long service life, with the option of 180 degree or 360 degree hinges allowing for maximum flexibility and clear access routes. 

The company says: “The PE version of the door is manufactured from 15mm moulded polyethylene. It is extremely robust having high impact resistance making it particularly suitable for areas of high movement and forklift traffic. It is offered in ten standard colour options, with three special colours including Traffic Red and RAL colours of choice. A range of glazing options and optional extras such as impact absorber profiles and finger guards, are also available. 

“For more sophisticated architectural requirements such as high-end catering establishments the stainless-steel door offers an elegant finish with a high-quality composite core for a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing design. The door consists of a 0.8mm thick stainless-steel sheet with a 40mm CFC-free PU hard foam core and it is available in two different contemporary finishes - striped or circular.”

The doors are supplied pre-assembled with frames, door leaf and hinges to help save on fitting costs. An innovative frame system also guarantees a stable wall connection for long-lasting and problem free door operation. In addition, as the doors are operated without power they are virtually maintenance free resulting in no on-going costs.

Hörmann double action doors can be combined with fire sliding doors and insulating sliding doors, for example, in deep-freeze areas to help reduce cold losses and maintain ambient temperatures.

For more information, visit www.hormann.co.uk