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E-Grocer chooses robots to automate order picking

21 June 2023

The Rohlik Group has kitted out its Prague fulfillment centre with Autopicker and Dispatcher AMRs from Brightpick.

ROHLIK PLANS to roll out the Brightpick solution across multiple warehouses in 2023 and 2024. Rohlik has more than 1.5 million e-grocery customers and 12 million orders per year. 

Grocery orders contain an average of 30 items per order, so item picking is a major operational challenge. A typical grocery fulfillment centre also has to contend with various picking zones to handle ambient, fresh, chilled and frozen items, and Brightpick offers a mobile robot solution that automates both picking and order consolidation across these different zones.

To watch a video on Rohlik using Brightpick Dispatcher in its Prague warehouse, click here - www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMRAtCLF_ts

The  solution contains three technologies - Autopicker robots for picking items and consolidating orders in the aisles, Dispatcher robots for consolidating orders arriving from different picking zones, and  Intuition software to orchestrate and optimise the entire Brightpick robotic fleet.

Brightpick Autopickers are fully patented and powered by proprietary machine vision and AI algorithms trained on more than 250 million picks to date.

Rohlik Group chief engineering officer Ales Malucha says: “Brightpick will enable us to significantly reduce our labour costs across our fulfillment network while increasing accuracy and efficiency. We greatly value the flexibility and robustness of the Brightpick solution.”

For more information, visit https://brightpick.ai