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Elegant goods-to-person warehouse robotic solutions

23 November 2023

Q&A with Simon Jones, Senior Sales Executive, Exotec.

What is your company’s USP? 

Exotec builds elegant goods-to-person warehouse robotic solutions for the world’s largest brands. The company combines the best of hardware and software to offer flexible warehouse systems that drive operational efficiency, add resiliency, and improve working conditions for warehouse operators. 

Our flexible systems prioritise safety while enhancing warehouse efficiency, providing customers with increased density and optimised performance. Tailoring to individual warehouse architectures, our modular systems effectively utilise available space. The Skypod robots, capable of ascending racks up to 12 meters in height, efficiently maximise storage capacity. 

Flexibility is at the core of what we do. Our solutions evolve as customer needs change, with flexible solutions providing scalability in the most uncertain of times. In a matter of months, our solutions can be deployed and personalised to meet exact needs. 

The Skypod system provides optimal performance for a broad range of storage, distribution, and fulfilment needs whilst our software, Deepsky, seamlessly integrates with third-party automation equipment and software such as automated packing machines and palletisers. Our robot solutions increase throughput by up to 5X with the same number of workers by delivering bins or totes to ergonomic picking stations, enabling picking of up to 400 lines per hour. 

What challenges do your customers face and how are Exotec’s systems helping them respond? 

Labour shortages present significant challenges for warehouses who need to attract and retain their employees to operate efficiently. Our Skypod system takes care of repetitive, physically intensive tasks to improve working conditions. This allows employees to focus on higher-value tasks, resulting in a dramatically more productive and engaged operation. 

Companies know they need to increase productivity, but are finding it increasingly difficult to forecast the size and shape of their businesses over the next 10 years. Traditional automation is efficient, but very hard to scale, so businesses need to anticipate their needs years in advance. At best this could result in underutilising an investment for the first few years, and at worst, may end up with capacity that is never used. Or alternatively, a system is outgrown before it has paid for itself. With Exotec, customers can invest in the capacity they need today, safe in the knowledge that they can add storage and throughput capacity as and when they need it in the future. 

Our personalised systems utilise the tightest of spaces as the modular design of our racks configures to meet these challenges. The density of our systems provides up to 5X more storage than non-automated storage solutions, resulting in seamless operations and ensuring consistent levels of high customer satisfaction. 

What industry sectors do you target? 

We work with warehouse operators in a variety of sectors including retailers for fashion, grocery, healthcare and homewares. We often help customers combine their store replenishment and ecommerce fulfilment into one efficient operation, saving space and labour costs. We also serve many industrial companies who are selling components, for example automotive spares. In many cases we work with the customer directly, but we often also work to support our 3PL partners to provide the best solution for their customers. 

As customer demand peaks for the retail and eCommerce sector, especially in the face of express delivery expectations, our customers can take advantage of our system’s response times to enable a rapid order cycle time, delivering to customers at speed. 

What is the latest news from your company? 

We now operate over 100 customer sites, helping accelerate the adoption of warehouse robotics and automation around the world. 

With over 70 sites in Europe and 25 in North America, momentum is building. Recently we have partnered with Polish integrator A1 Sorter to outfit a fulfilment centre for ILS, a Polish logistics service provider for the automotive industry. We also partnered with CEVA logistics to deliver 57 robots to sites in the Netherlands, and solidified our presence in the UK by partnering with Alliance Automotive Group, a leader in the automotive aftermarket industry. 

Lastly, we entered the Korean market by partnering with POSCO DX Co. Ltd., signalling the beginning of our success in this market. 


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