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Spill containment options

18 March 2024

JUSTRITE SAFETY GROUP provides spill containment solutions across a variety of industries.

In the dynamic landscape of industrial settings across various sectors such as chemical, oil and gas, military, mining and construction, the potential for spills and leakages of hazardous materials looms large, posing significant threats to both worker safety and environmental well-being. Despite rigorous preventive measures implemented by industries, unforeseen incidents can lead to the release of chemicals, oils, or other harmful substances, resulting in potential health hazards, regulatory non-compliance, and environmental damage.

The absence of effective spill containment solutions can lead to several detrimental outcomes:

• Prolonged Cleanup Times: Without proper containment, spills necessitate extensive cleanup efforts, leading to prolonged downtime and disruption to regular operations.

• Escalated Costs: Cleanup efforts, regulatory fines, and potential legal liabilities can lead to significant financial burdens for companies.

• Increased Risks of Contamination Spreading: Lack of containment can allow hazardous substances to spread, increasing the risk of contamination to surrounding areas, exacerbating the environmental impact.

Implementing reliable spill containment berms becomes imperative to mitigate the impact of spills swiftly and efficiently, safeguarding not only personnel but also facilities and the environment.


Justrite offers a comprehensive range of Spill Containment Berms that set a new standard in spill prevention and safety across various industries. Each variant within their lineup – the Rigid-Lock QuickBerm XT, Rigid-Lock QuickBerm, Rigid-Lock QuickBerm Lite, and the Angle Bracket QuickBerm – is meticulously engineered and boasts unique features, ensuring unparalleled performance in diverse scenarios.

1. Rigid-Lock QuickBerm XT - Ultimate Heavy-Duty Containment:

• Heavy-duty construction for extreme durability.

• Patented Rigid-Lock wall support technology provides unmatched stability and easy access.

• Perfect for high-traffic areas and heavy machinery.

2. Rigid-Lock QuickBerm - Versatility at Its Best:

• Flexible design adapts to various workspaces effortlessly.

• Quick and easy setup ensures minimal downtime during spills.

• Ideal for diverse applications, from manufacturing plants to maintenance bays.

3. Rigid-Lock QuickBerm Lite - Lightweight but Heavy on Performance:

• Lightweight and portable, making it the go-to choice for on-the-go operations.

• Fast deployment for swift spill response.

• Space-saving design without compromising durability.

4. Angle Bracket QuickBerm - Economical Efficiency:

• Unique angle bracket design simplifies installation and enhances stability.

• Ideal for use in scenarios with limited drive-in and out.

• Various height options to suit any requirement.

Why Choose Justrite Spill Containment Berms?

Justrite stands out as the preferred choice for spill containment due to several key factors:

• Compliance Assurance: All Justrite berms meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring compliance with SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations.

• Unrivaled Quality: Constructed with top-grade materials, Justrite berms are built for longevity and reliability, providing robust containment solutions.

• Versatility: Tailored solutions for various applications, catering to diverse industry needs and offering flexibility in deployment.

• Ease of Use: Quick and straightforward setup, saving valuable time during emergency situations and ensuring efficient response to spills.

• Innovation: Justrite's spill containment berms incorporate patented technologies and precision engineering, setting them apart as leaders in the market.

• Local Manufacturing: All of Justrite's QuickBerms are manufactured in the Netherlands, ensuring quality control and prompt availability.

The company says: "Justrite Spill Containment Berms emerge as the epitome of innovation, quality, and reliability. By investing in Justrite's solutions, companies can actively contribute to the safety of their personnel, protect their facilities, and demonstrate environmental responsibility. Don't leave safety to chance; make the informed decision to choose Justrite Spill Containment Berms."

For more information, visit buyjustrite.uk