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Extreme weather door for precision engineering firm

02 July 2024

UNION INDUSTRIES has supplied the Bulldoors to address extreme weather challenges for LoneStar.

The doors firm was first approached by LoneStar in 2023 and was subsequently tasked with providing solutions for site enhancement projects at its facilities, primarily on doorways frequently accessed by forklift trucks for deliveries and stock movement. The three Bulldoors were designated for deployment across LoneStar's two sites in Leeds. Headquartered in the West Midlands, UK, LoneStar Group employs more than 1,000 people globally across 13 sites.

The primary objective was to mitigate heat loss within the premises, thereby reducing energy expenditure and improving the company's ECG performance. The existing roller shutters and sectional overhead security doors, characterised by slow operational speeds, often remained open, resulting in substantial heat dissipation and increased energy consumption, especially during harsh weather conditions.

Union Industries developed tailored solutions for each opening, including reducing the opening size of a large doorway to curtail heat loss while maintaining optimal clear opening sizes to suit LoneStar’s requirements. Additionally, it crafted a door to fit within tight spatial constraints without compromising operational functionality. Importantly, all three doors seamlessly integrated with existing security measures, ensuring comprehensive site security post working hours.

Like other doors in their range, Bulldoor also benefits from Union’s simple yet proven ‘Crash Out and Auto-Reset’ facility, in case of vehicle impact to the bottom beam, thus ensuring minimal downtime and repair costs.

Union Industries technical sales engineer Rob Howe, says: “We take pride in delivering tailored solutions that address our clients' unique challenges. The successful installation of our Bulldoors at LoneStar underscores our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.”

LoneStar Leeds HR & HSE manager Gemma Juniper, adds: “The installation of Union's doors was a pivotal step in our journey toward environmentally focused improvements across our company portfolio. The comprehensive heat loss payback report highlighted not only the potential cost savings but also the tangible benefits of enhanced energy efficiency.”

For more information, www.unionindustries.co.uk