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Fleet management for safer and more efficient logistics

07 November 2023

STATE-OF-THE-ART fleet management technology is helping business owners in the logistics sector boost the operational efficiency of their fleets and improve the safety of their warehouses. TVH’s daughter company GemOne, a global provider of IoT fleet management telematics, has a solution specifically tailored to logistics: Sapphire.

Fleet management is the backbone of a well-functioning logistics operation. It’s a system that involves using technology to collect insights about your vehicles and operators, allowing you to add capabilities to your machinery and put safety at the core of your business. Efficient fleet management reduces risks, minimises accidents, and enhances productivity.

GemOne’s Sapphire solution is a comprehensive fleet management system that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly interfaces. It offers real-time tracking of machines, with data and insights delivered in one single online cloud platform. You can download the free Sapphire brochure here.

Sapphire features include on-screen safety checklists which make pre- and post-start checks mandatory, with operator lockout if there’s a critical issue. This ensures operators have inspected the machine and determined that it is safe to use. It documents the completed checklist and the amount of time it took to complete. It tracks user behaviour and safety issues with real time data on a cloud platform.

Being able to set up lockout thresholds is also a sure-fire way to ensure safety at all times. This feature stops machines from working after an impact. Warehouse managers decide what these impact level thresholds are based on their specific needs.

Unreported impacts are costly to business, both in terms of product and equipment damage and machine downtime. With Sapphire, you can receive instant notifications of impacts so you can identify which operators and areas are most prone to incidents.

With Sapphire, fleet and warehouse managers can give access to machines to approved operators via a pin code, RFID card, or fob. The ability to choose who operates each machine, based on personalised workplace criteria, allows for operations to continue running smoothly without interruption.

A big appeal of fleet management systems for those running warehouses is finding a way to end confusion about how operators use machines. With Sapphire, you can monitor the activity of operators on a daily basis to gain insights into efficiencies. Not only will you gain insights on key time, seat time, and hours of movement, but you will also be able to identify and remove roadblocks to efficiency.

Sapphire takes away the guesswork and endless hours of paperwork that logistics managers are often left with. Hours reporting can be used to see exactly how long your machines are being used. Not only does it help you improve productivity, but it helps in setting service intervals proactively. This results in less guessing when a forklift needs work, fewer maintenance issues, and reduced machine downtime.

With Sapphire, fleet managers can ensure that operators using their machines always comply with the appropriate training and licensing requirements. An operator whose licence expires will be instantly locked out of all equipment to ensure safety and compliance. You’ll never lose track of licence requirements and you’ll ensure every operator has the up-to-date safety certifications to operate their equipment.

Incorporating Sapphire into your logistics operations means enhancing safety, reducing risks, and ensuring the well-being of your team.

Are you interested in finding out more about GemOne’s Sapphire fleet management system, including additional features such as cameras for improved operator visibility and incident investigation or load sensors to prevent forklift overloading?

Discover the full solution by downloading the free brochure here