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Fleet switched swiftly to electric forklifts

03 November 2023

BRING CARGO has expedited its fleet renewal in a move to transition its once entirely IC forklift fleet to electric power.

Bring is positioned as one of the largest mail and logistics operators in the Nordic Region, and applies its progressive and developmental approach to its service offering, placing it as one of the most forward-looking companies of its type in the world.

Materials handling is a critical element of its operational success and the local site in Immingham - where it has access a fleet of over 450 trailers delivering across the UK, Europe & Scandinavia - has depended on the local Windsor Materials Handling branch for 10 years.

Bring’s latest investment has been the replacement of its diesel-powered fleet of forklift trucks, with electric Doosan counterparts which - after they took delivery of their first two trucks - was deemed a ‘no brainer’.

Managing director Bob Tutass says: “As a global business we are committed to efficient environmental solutions with a strategic goal in place that aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030.

“In recent years, therefore, as a group, we have implemented a number of measures to reduce our impact on the environment. This includes, among other things, a focus on environmentally-friendly vehicles and fuel, and over 1,000 of our vehicles are electric, meaning eco-friendly postal deliveries.”

The operation at Bring has been reaping the benefits of renewable energy sources for almost a decade, with the installation of solar panels being the first.

Terminal manager Patrick Hewson: “With the rise in fuel duty that we saw last year, and the savings we’re seeing already with the replacement of our IC fleet with 8 electric Doosan models, we couldn’t be more delighted with our decision.

“Our Windsor point of contact, Steve Austin, has been able to source the equipment we need to keep operations moving at a rate that exceeded our expectations. This has meant that we have been able to expedite our transition to electric from what we predicted to be around six years into just two.”

The investment has meant massive savings for this operation, fuel costs have more than halved and the electricity source is almost solely drawn down from the solar panels. Maintenance and ongoing service costs have dropped, tyre-wear has improved dramatically. 

There is a notable improvement to the indoor atmosphere that is cleaner and cooler, with the additional investment into a Nilfisk ride-on sweeper too – operators are now working within an environment which is much more comfortable.

“Not only have Bring seen significant savings on multiple levels, by opting to invest in the Fronius charger they will see an extended battery life from a guaranteed five years to more like seven on the usage the operation runs at,” says Steve Austin.

Through careful consultation around the operational requirements alongside the calculations made on cost savings, we have worked closely together to make sure that product met requirement which can only happen when customer and MHE supplier work in partnership. That coupled with two businesses that have a quick decision-making process means that solutions can be agreed and implemented at pace.

For more information, visit www.windsor-mh.co.uk