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Fleetspan launches at industry safety event

15 September 2023

40 FOR the future took place in London and focused on safety issues for the logistics and material handling industry.

Juice Stored Energy took the opportunity to launch its new Fleetspan product, which is said to the UK's first annual safety inspection for batteries and chargers used in forklifts and material handling fleets.

Using a subscription based model that's tailored to the size of the material handling fleet, Fleetspan's Annual Safety Inspection assesses the safety and performance of all MHE batteries and chargers. The pass and fail status, along with the advisory recommendations enhance safety, while reducing risk for the operator, the operation and the facility.

The Fleetspan Safety Portal gives 24/7 online visibility of every asset in a fleet. And with the opportunity to proactively identify remedial action before an asset fails, Fleetspan reduces the risk of thermal incidents while increasing the optimal performance of a fleet.

It helps operations to identify risk and anticipate potential safety incidents, allowing for proactive preventative repair that can optimise the performance and longevity of every asset, while improving the safety for MHE operators and wider operations.

Digital twin

Continuing the safety theme, Jon Wicket, sales director at Essensium highlighted the forklift based technology developed by the firm, which combines sensors, wireless communication and analytical software to create a digital twin of the warehouse, with the dual aims of increasing warehouse productivity and reducing the risk of MHE collisions.


The event featured lively debate, with end users highlighting a number of safety and technology concerns. For example, a leading food wholesaler explained how he had a plan to use fully automated forklifts to take palletised loads from loading dock to pallet storage area, across a busy 50 dock loading area, with some bays unloading and others loading. At present, he said the automated trucks were finding it difficult to handle the complexity involved.


Huddle Culture’s Bruce Durham gave a heart-wrenching presentation, analysing a real world HGV and passenger car collision, and its lingering aftermath. The key takeaway was the realisation that the HGV driver at fault that day could be any of one of us, acting irrationally in a dark and stressed moment.

Huddle Culture’s Think Feel Act programme is an employee performance enhancement and engagement programme that maximises business performance by empowering happier people to ultimately get more right first time, by being more aware and in control of their thoughts, feelings and actions.