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02 February 2024

Heavy duty electric counterbalance joins the Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks series, with models up to 12 tonnes capacity.

WITH THE addition of new high-capacity models to sit alongside the award-winning EDiA trucks, the electric counterbalance series from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks is now an even more complete solution, covering capacities from 1.4–12 tonnes.

Offering huge power with no compromises to performance and precision, the 6–12-tonne FB60-120N(H) Series features best-in-class acceleration. A low overhead guard option is available on all models — even up to 12 tonnes — allowing the truck to be used in container applications for greater fleet flexibility. Single-tyre models are also available for a narrower profile, so it’s simple to specify one of these trucks to do heavy work in confined areas.

H models feature Four Wheel Steering (4WS) which grants exceptional manoeuvrability, even in narrow spaces. With 4WS the front drive motors turn independently, offering superior grip and precision handling. The rear axle boasts a full 101-degree steering capability, with dual drive motors for instantaneous and smooth turning on the spot. This helps to eliminate the initial 'push' found with conventional drive systems.

The load sensing hydraulic system ensures load handling functions react similarly to different weights. A high-lift traction control system ensures steadier and more controllable chassis movements in lifts above 2.5m.

Low Noise Lift — a Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks innovation that has been widely praised since it appeared on the EDiA line — offers the quietest hydraulic pump on the market at just 65 dB. It means users will be less fatigued from extended noise exposure compared to working in similar trucks in its class.

Operators will appreciate the spacious, open cabin, designed to comfortably accommodate drivers of all sizes. The cabin is rubber mounted to minimise vibrations and make for a more comfortable shift.

Advanced control options, including dual joysticks for simultaneous lift and tilt functions, allow for customisation to meet customer requirements. Touch-sensitive fingertip controls provide a natural, spring-loaded response for fine-tuned handling, even while wearing heavy gloves.

The ergonomic design extends to a fully adjustable driving position and self-centring steering wheel, positioned for exceptional control and comfort. All-round visibility is excellent, with the rear camera providing an improved look behind the truck, while the mast’s free-lift cylinder structure has been optimised with hoses over chains so operators can see more of the load and fork tips.

With a low seat height comparable to many IC engine trucks, operators benefit from an easier entry and exit process, and it’s a much more familiar environment for those making the switch from IC to electric.

The design also takes into account easy maintenance, with the two 48v batteries accessible without the need for doors, making battery exchange quicker and simpler. Each battery can be easily moved with a counterbalance truck or even just a pallet truck.

For more information, visit www.mitsubishi-forklift.co.uk