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Foldable sleeve pack launches

19 June 2023

Goplasticpallets.com has launched a foldable sleeve pack in the UK to help manufacturers and retailers to make significant efficiency gains when storing, picking and packing across their warehouses. 

THE CABCUBE 3.0 3R - the latest model in the range - measures 1235mm x 830mm x 954mm when assembled and has a folded height of just 239mm. Weighing 43kg and offering a volume of 722 litres, the unit has a static load capacity of 1500kg, and a dynamic and racking load capacity of 500kg. Warehouse managers will be able to stack a maximum of 1+5 units (at 250kg each).

This new product features three runners on the bottom of the base, so it can be safely used in pallet racking and high bay storage, as well as being deployed more effectively on automation systems. The CabCube 3.0 3R eliminates the need to shrink-wrap pallets of goods in storage and dispatch, saving both time and cost, as well as solving the problem of disposal. The sleeve pack works seamlessly with roller conveyor systems and features a drop door that provides easy access to stored goods. Manufactured to be used through many cycles in the supply chain, the CabCube 3.0 3R is 100% recyclable at the end of its working life.

This new sleeve pack is designed to provide optimal protection of goods in storage and transit. It comprises of three components – a robust base and lid (made from recycled polyethylene), plus a polypropylene sleeve, which folds and fits simply inside the base and lid. This space-optimising feature allows businesses to carry up to 384 units on a standard trailer, leading to substantial cost savings during transportation. For example, 40% less space is required on the truck and in storage compared to a metal container.

For more information, visit www.goplasticpallets.com