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HUBTEX updates Load Manager assistance system

13 April 2024

THE SIDELOADER manufacturer has unveiled the next generation of HUBTEX Load Manager (HLM).

The assistance system has been optimised to meet the needs of drivers handling long goods. As well as support for accurate steering into target position and finding the ideal lifting height, the system also offers optional preselection settings for fork adjustment and mast reachout, ensuring that long goods can be transported precisely along aisles without causing any damage. 

It can be programmed as desired and comes with 199 possible positions for the electronic lift height preselection. The lift mast will stop at the preselected rack level, with the driver able to choose in advance if the goods are to be put into or taken out of storage. This saves valuable time while also reducing damage to stored goods caused by forks piercing the racking compartment in an uncontrolled manner. Alongside preselection of the fork’s zero position and angle of inclination, lifting and lowering limiters are now also part of the HLM’s standard equipment thanks to a sensor system fitted to the vehicle. 

Users can integrate the display screen for monitoring load torque and residual capacity into the Load Manager. The company is also working on adding more features to the HLM such as a set of load scales and other potential combinations to facilitate horizontal positioning along the aisle and connect up warehouse management systems.

FluX 45

HUBTEX has also updated its electric multidirectional counterbalance forklift with the FluX 45. The more compact 2-in-1 forklift with greater load capacity lifts up to 4.5 t. The compact FluX 45 is a solution when customers are regularly moving pallets, as well as some long loads. This option is significantly safer than handling long goods with forklifts.

"Users must then decide whether to invest in a specialised sideloader. Given the short operating times, this often makes little economic sense. With the FluX 45, users benefit from a truck that can be used flexibly as both a forklift and sideloader, eliminating the need to invest in two vehicles. At the same time, the robustness and longevity of our forklifts significantly reduce the total cost of ownership", explains HUBTEX’s Michael Röbig.

The length of the truck has been reduced by 14% compared to its predecessor model. The lift mast with tilt function is another attractive feature. This allows the FluX 45 to be used like a forklift for loading and unloading trucks, for example, or alternatively to be used as a sideloader for transporting long loads through narrow hall doors. 

MaxX 60

HUBTEX is expanding its MaxX series with a new model – the MaxX 60 electric multidirectional sideloader. The model is designed for handling long goods with a load capacity between 5 and 6 t both indoors and outdoors. The MaxX series incorporates the most popular features of the Phoenix electric multidirectional sideloader, yet maintains an attractive price-performance ratio. The MaxX 60 is therefore a cost-effective alternative to older diesel vehicles, particularly when used for loading and unloading trucks.

The MaxX 60 is strategically designed to be suitable for a wide range of applications in long goods handling, for indoor or outdoor use. 

When developing the new model, HUBTEX focused on optimising outdoor performance. The aim was also to create a truck that could navigate tight contours in narrow environments. The configuration therefore includes large tyres and high ground clearance – both of which are essential for outdoor use. 

HUBTEX’s patented HX 360° steering is available as an option and allows smooth changes in direction from lengthwise to crosswise or circular travel without stopping.

For more information, visit www.hubtex.com