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Home Bargains implements robots for handling roll cages

17 June 2024

THE DISCOUNT retailer has implemented a large-scale automated marshalling solution from Lowpad at its Amesbury distribution centre.

This initiative addresses recruitment challenges and creates a 24/7 operational marshalling solution managed by Lowpad's fleet manager software.

Home Bargains' Amesbury distribution centre faced significant recruitment challenges due to its remote location, requiring a large workforce for labour-intensive tasks. To alleviate the recruitment burden and reduce operational costs, Home Bargains implemented the automated marshalling process. The new system processes over 200,000 roll cages weekly using 91 Lowpad AMRs and 36 handover locations, 21 of which are fully automated. 

Home Bargains general manager Chris Tilly, says: “Lowpad has significantly reduced the number of workers needed, considerably decreasing staff numbers, helping us achieve our cost-saving goals and addressing our recruitment challenges.”

Lowpad effectively integrated new equipment with Home Bargains’ existing infrastructure, creating a fully integrated process. This streamlined, automated process now requires minimal manual intervention, from pallet intake into the warehouse to dispatch pick stock in roll cages.

For more information, visit www.lowpad.com