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Home Bargains uses tail lifts for multi-drop deliveries

02 March 2021

Discount retailer Home Bargains has chosen Access XL to supply a mixture of column and multi-deck tail lifts for work on multi-drop deliveries to over 500 Home Bargains stores throughout the UK.

Designed by Access XL, the lifts are specified for operation with double-deck and urban trailers and says the company, being British-built are not expected to present any tariff or supply problems post-Brexit.

Home Bargains’ fleet and compliance manager Alan Beech says: “This is a busy operation, and we take every measure to guard against potential vehicle downtime or issues which could interrupt the flow of goods to our customers.

“Home Bargains is comfortable in the knowledge that Access XL not only manufactures to a high standard, but also is ‘on the doorstep,’ which means any short-term requirement for back-up parts, service or new equipment will not incur unnecessary costs or delay.”

Working with Home Bargains’ double-deck trailers, the XL Multi-Deck is designed to service multiple, fixed or moving decks and incorporates Home Bargains’ own gate system. The hydraulically powered steel and aluminium platform comes with articulated front and side ramps and stows at the upper level.

For the single-deck trailers, the versatile XL Column Lift also comes with a steel platform and articulated side ramps. Furthermore, its bespoke design reduces the angle at which the mechanical closure engages, thereby increasing safety during operation.

Both XL lifts are controlled by the unique XL Smart Controller which in addition to allowing safe and consistent lift control, uses a PLC (programmable logic control) system to provide service hours monitoring, diagnostics and battery guard.

Alan Beech explains: “These lifts are well-built and easy to operate. The electrical system is simplicity itself, which in the longer term helps to maintain a reliable operation.”

For more information, visit www.xlg.co.uk