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Hyster reach truck goes outside

14 November 2023

THE MANUFACTURER has introduced a new reach truck that works inside and outside, while lifting to 7.5 metres with a 3-stage mast.

The robust new RO1.6-2.0 reach truck models, for lifts up to two tonnes, feature Super Elastic tyres for load and drive wheels for use on uneven, outdoor ground conditions, as well as in indoor warehouse operations. Optional cabs are also available for applications requiring frequent outdoor usage.

“With the new Hyster outdoor reach truck, we have created a ‘2-in-1’ truck to help ‘power your possibilities’ on sites with mixed indoor and outdoor operations,” says Hyster product manager warehouse Monica Radavelli. “You can retrieve pallets indoors and then load them into lorries outside, or you can efficiently unload lorries with varying floor conditions, before putting the pallets away in the warehouse – all with the same truck.”

“The super elastic tyres are particularly effective at absorbing the effects of uneven ground, making it comfortable for drivers while giving the Hyster durability that tough applications depend on,” Monica continues.

Key Points

  • Works inside and outside
  • 3-stage FFL mast
  • Lifts to 7.5 metres
  • Lithium-ion option

For added flexibility and warehouse optimisation, the new Hyster outdoor reach truck also supports operations in narrow warehouse aisles, with a more compact design compared to most counterbalance lift trucks. 3-stage FFL masts, with tilting and side shifting forks, support a lifting height of up to 7.5m in the warehouse.

To optimise productivity further, the new Hyster outdoor reach truck is available with a lithium-ion battery option. This enables rapid opportunity charging during breaks, with no adverse effect on the battery, to support multi-shift operations and maximise fleet uptime.

Monica adds: “No gassing or watering is required, and there is no risk of acid spills. Depending on local regulations, space may also be maximised as, instead of a designated charging room, the truck can be simply plugged in to top up its charge throughout the day. Multi-shift operations may also be able to reduce their battery fleet.”

Options include telescopic forks to increase the range of possible pallet positions, or to provide flexibility for operations that may need to load or unload lorries from one side only. Other options include semi and full cabs, full cab heating, and wiper options, to optimise the driver experience when the truck is in regular use outdoors. The truck can also be customised with different seat, steering and display options, and a range of cameras and lights to assist operators in dark yards or busy warehouses.

For more information, visit www.hyster.com