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IT emphasis drives growth

06 October 2023

LOGISTICS OPERATOR Europa Worldwide Group is using its investment in IT to drive business growth.

The group has built up an inhouse team which is now 100 strong. The use of digital technologies within transport and logistics has been fast tracked in recent years, driven by market expectations and high-tech advances resulting from the Covid pandemic. 

Since 2016, Europa has invested over £10 million on its bespoke freight management software Leonardo. Developed completely in-house, Leonardo now provides 11 different modules and a customer platform with seamless integration. It started with LeoRoad in 2016 and has expanded to deliver improvements in operations, processes, and communications across the whole business, serving customers with enhanced management and consignment visibility and tracking.

Technology is at the core of Europa’s approach, a fact further demonstrated by its Brexit solution Europa Flow, developed by Europa’s in-house team to help customers’ goods flow smoothy, using technology to mitigate customs challenges. 

The Group IT and Software Development teams are split 30:70 with the in-house developer focused on evolving and improving customer interfaces. Europa’s Development team is based across the UK but is centred around Nottinghamshire, and at the company’s headquarters in Dartford, Kent.

Left to right: Paul Hinchley and Chris Mitchell

Europa Worldwide Group head of software development Paul Hinchley, says: “Leonardo is at the heart of technological advances at Europa, we’re continually improving our systems enabling us to be faster, more efficient and making sure our infrastructure is customer centric.

“Europa Flow is a prime example of this, our ‘frictionless customs product’ is powered by the latest technology supporting the specialist delivery duty paid (DDP) service.

“A team of 10 developers spent five months and 7,500 development hours to create the systems to power Europa Flow. We work hand in hand with colleagues in operations and so can respond quickly to the needs of the business.”

Software Development Team

In addition to the expert Software Development Team, a crucial IT Support Team ensures the smooth running of the operation and network.

Connecting devices and systems across continents, the IT Support Team is based at Europa’s Dartford headquarters, with a team in South Africa, and manages a robust operation ensuring vehicles (devices), cargo (data), and drivers (users) all work seamlessly. In addition, its expert Cyber Security team monitor and manage threat detection continuously to prevent unauthorised and malicious access to our users and operation.

Group Head of IT Chris Mitchell comments: “I joined with a compact team of eight, four years ago but we have really focused on meeting and exceeding customer needs as the market and technology has evolved and now have a team of 32.

“We continue to evolve and invest in the latest technologies at Europa as our 100th recruit joins our expanding Network & Security team. This team is the backbone of IT infrastructure, using advanced innovation to help keep customers safe and secure and, ultimately, to keep goods flowing using emerging digital platforms.” 

Europa’s approach to IT is to maximise its value, bringing innovations to help streamline operations and improve communications for customers.  Paul added “We will continue to forge ahead, investing in innovative new technologies to enhance and improve our services, drive efficiencies and support customer needs.”

For more information, visit www.europa-worldwide.com