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Identify pain points

04 January 2024

THE BENEFITS of WMS are generally well understood but not all businesses use them, especially those that are new or started small If you are considering WMS for the first time, what do you need to think about?

There are many points to consider but a good start is to identify pain points. Make a list of recent challenges your business has faced. By identifying your pain points, you can determine which WMS features will be most beneficial to your business. For many businesses the sheer volume of stock and number of movements required are justification enough because a WMS will introduce the discipline and consistency that lead to performance improvement but which are often beyond manual or semi-automated process. Others will want to introduce new levels of stock accuracy or increase order picking productivity, both of which are among the many additional benefits of a WMS.

Also, be sure to analyse costs and benefits. This will help you decide whether a WMS is a good investment. Be sure to consider the direct costs of the software (such as licensing fees and implementation costs) as well as any indirect costs (including the time it will take to train employees on the new system). You should also assess the benefits of implementing a WMS, such as increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and the potential return on investment delivered to your business.

It’s also important to assess your IT Infrastructure, checking your existing hardware is compatible with the new system. Unless you choose a SaaS-based WMS that requires no dedicated in-house server equipment - like ProSKU - you may need to install new equipment such as data servers and networks (including Wi-Fi). But not always. Also ensure that any new WMS you may be considering fully integrates with your existing systems, such as ERP. Your WMS supplier will be able to advise but as a general rule, most modern applications are designed to run on common technologies, platforms, and operating systems. Nevertheless, there may be sound reasons for running any business-critical applications on separate or dedicated equipment. If you are implementing a cloud-based solution, be sure your internet connection is secure and reliable because you will rely on it to provide ongoing and real time access to your application and data.

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