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Inflatable dock shelters

16 November 2018

When asked to solve temperature control issues with existing dock shelters at a large cold store distribution centre BID Group provided an efficient and reliable solution.

Technical manager Roger McNeal explains: "The loading dock area is susceptible to energy loss due to the amount of gaps, and openings that exist around dock doors and dock levellers. If the loading dock is not sealed properly, energy loss from a conditioned facility can be substantial. The dock shelters were required to facilitate various sized vehicles while offering the sealing between the gap of the vehicle and building. The answer was to fit inflatable dock shelters which provide perfect sealing by inflating themselves around the docked vehicle. They are the best choice for chilled storage applications within the food industry."

Inflatable dock shelters are suitable for a wide range of vehicle sizes and provide continuous weather protection throughout the entire loading and unloading operation.

In rest position, the inflatable dock shelter is completely retracted behind the side structures, giving the vehicle driver the possibility to use the complete width of the loading bay when backing into it.

Once the vehicle is docked the head and side bags inflate around the top and sides of the truck creating a good all round seal giving protection from the outside environment and keeping inside temperatures at the required level.

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