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Innovation and experience

11 January 2023

INDIGO’S MODERN approach to WMS combines with its 40 year track record for excellence, says Eric Carter.

Technology like WMS is designed to make any warehouse run more efficiently. It’s essential that any new system being introduced can be implemented smoothly and quickly, but above all without impacting daily operations. Companies simply cannot afford downtime, especially in today’s difficult trading climate.

Indigo avoids this issue by having software that is extremely functionally rich in the first place. This means local customisations are rarely needed. Everything a user would require is available as standard. Indigo’s QuickStart can be live in a matter of weeks. Gone are the days of protracted implementation projects. Indigo’s industry expert consultants personally manage every implementation, placing equal emphasis on bringing process optimisation to customer warehouses while ensuring our software is integrated with key back-end solutions, like ERP, financials and TMS software, delivering real-time decisions.

Indigo’s WMS solutions have the technical complexity to meet the strategic management needs of fast growing businesses, while also ensuring that the software’s user interface is as simple and intuitive as it possibly can be for warehouse users – whatever device they’re using. Our software is also designed with a strong emphasis on security, helping to ensure your warehouse IT systems are secure and resilient.

After 40 years developing and implementing WMS solutions, we understand that no two warehouses are the same. Every business is unique and will have unique processes. Manufacturers of food products will prioritise traceability, whereas users in consumer goods manufacturing need unique serialisation markers or flexible dropship capabilities. Apparel manufacturers need the flexibility to reorganise their warehouses as new season stocks are launched. 

Our software respects these differences and Indigo’s consultants will find ways to accommodate existing working patterns while you benefit from industry best practices. Implementing a WMS with Indigo is an opportunity to fine tune your warehouse operations. Our entire implementations team have cut their teeth in industry before joining Indigo, so customers benefit not just from the software, but also the wealth of real-world experience our operations team bring to bear.

Eric Carter, solutions architect, Indigo Software

For more information, visit www.indigo.co.uk