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Intelligent3D Sorter launched

01 February 2024

THE SYSTEM from Mushiny is designed to make the manual allocation deployed in putwalls redundant.

The intelligent3D Sorter is said to tackle numerous challenges unmet by traditional methods of sorting and fulfilling orders, where operators manually allocate items to specific bins or compartments on a wall-like structure, or by other automated processes.

Mushiny says: “The 3D Sorter allows operations to increase their batch or wave size dramatically without the need to manually sort orders via a putwall or any other means. By automating the put (picking) process, the 3D sorter complements both manual operations and automated systems. Combining the 3D Sorter with existing Mushiny Robotic solutions improves the performance of each robot by substantially increasing the amount of orderlines picked per POD or tote presentation. As a result the 3D sorter basically pays for itself through the reduction of required robots in each solution.”

The 3D Sorter claims elevated sorting efficiency, optimal ROI, and a high degree of flexibility, with peak efficiency surpassing 10,000 picks per hours.

“A typical use case would be a fashion company with an extensive product range (SKU count) adopting the 3D Sorter to accommodate a very large batch size to fulfill many orders concurrently. The picking density per SKU will increase dramatically, yielding a significant productivity gain over existing automated solutions, and many times that compared to manual operations,” adds Mushiny.

Robots will continuously transfer completed orders and buffer them if desirable prior to dispatching. The solution can process retail and e-commerce orders concurrently and can efficiently process returns.

For more information, visit www.mushiny.com