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KUKA industrial robots deploys Yale equipment

22 October 2019

The Italian headquarters of KUKA has integrated Yale solutions into its Turin warehouse. KUKA required a consistent yet flexible operation; in its warehouse are a variety of shapes and sizes of automated solutions, from small and lightweight collaborative robots to large and industrial robots weighing an impressive 4500kg.

Any materials handling equipment therefore had to be adaptable enough to handle a range of loads, as well as operate efficiently on a daily basis with minimum downtime. KUKA turned to trusted Yale dealer Unicar to create the optimum solution. 

For KUKA, the solution comprises Yale ERP30VL and ERP40VM electric counterbalance forklifts. Due to the weight of the parts being handled on site, KUKA opted for both medium and heavy-duty equipment. VM Series electric trucks are built for intensive use and capable of handling multiple loads, making them ideally suited to heavy-duty applications. 

The Yale forklifts supplied to KUKA come with a host of ergonomic features designed to optimise operator comfort and boost productivity. A full suspension seat, adjustable armrest with built-in hydraulic controls, and low whole-body vibration compartment help reduce operator fatigue, while a ‘head up’ display keeps the operator’s field of vision clear and provides truck operating information at a glance.

When it comes to performance features, the energy balance (e-Balance) of performance, manoeuvrability, and battery shift life can all be matched to the needs of the application, increasing productivity and throughput and significantly reducing the cost per pallet moved. An extended steer axle with continuous stability enhancement offers increased articulation, allowing the truck to manoeuvre easily in narrow working aisles and provide maximum operating comfort even on uneven surfaces.