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LogiMAT is underway - key event to champion green intralogistics

25 April 2023

LogiMAT 2023 exhibitors are set to demonstrate how investments in the right products and solutions can deliver sustainable business models and a lower consumption of resources. 

THE HUGE exhibition takes place in Stuttgart from April 25-27, and will feature a myriad of different approaches and products that can help companies who are concerned about their carbon footprint.

“We need to look at the entire spectrum of sustainability and resource efficiency,” underscores Markus Schlotter, managing director for central Europe at Exotec (Hall 5, Booth 5D71). “This includes short transport routes between production and assembly, smaller production facilities, short implementation times and processes to eliminate downtime, shorter distances to optimise the interaction between humans and machines, ergonomically optimised workstations, and smart energy use. We build all these factors into our new and upgraded product designs.”

See us at LogiMAT - Europe's biggest exhibition

Check out Logistics Matters at LogiMAT - Hall 9 / Booth 9D34

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Joachim Kieninger, director of strategic business development at Element Logic Germany (Hall 1, Booth 1H21) adds: “Our roller motors are controlled and set in motion only when they’re needed. The system workstations are designed for harmonic, ergonomically balanced interaction between humans and robots, and the components are highly energy efficient. 

“Sustainable all around, the robots we deploy are extremely energy efficient, incorporating energy recovery into the workflows. Ten AutoStore robots all running consume the energy of a vacuum cleaner.”
The key role of sustainability and energy efficiency in intralogistics will be reflected in many of the presentations in the LogiMAT seminar program. High-level expert forums in the Atrium’s LogiMAT Arena examine the benefits of sustainability in transport and shipping packaging (April 25), the circular economy (April 25), and trends in intralogistics (April 27). 

The logistics and intralogistics industry is often at the vanguard when it comes to solutions to reduce energy consumption and use resources more efficiently. This includes being a “trailblazer of the circular economy” in the words of Dr. Johannes Fottner, Full Professor for Logistics Engineering at the Technical University of Munich, who will also present at the show.

The industry took a holistic view of sustainability and resource efficiency even before the current shortage of skilled workers emerged or new local and international regulations on the designation of industrial and logistics sites took effect. The spectrum of solutions ranges from recycling, retrofitting, circular systems and energy conservation to optimising personnel and space utilisation. Examples include compact warehouse and picking solutions with an energy recovery system, sleep mode when order volumes are low, and lightweight construction for reduced energy consumption. The use of supercapacitor technology improves the energy efficiency of shuttle robots, and nearly all manufacturers now offer energy recovery systems and high-frequency charging technology in their industrial trucks. New lower-consumption identification solutions and the integration of sensor technology and AI-supported industrial image processing increase visibility and deliver more efficient processes with less resources required. Manufacturers at LogiMAT 2023 will also present the latest developments in the integration of alternative powertrains such as lithium-ion and hydrogen/fuel-cell technology.

Hall 6 dedicated to robotics

The demand for flexible, scalable warehouse robotic systems is booming, fuelled by a shortage of skilled labor and the need to cut costs. 

Robotics specialists, equipment makers, systems integrators, and industrial truck manufacturers are coming to LogiMAT 2023 to present their latest solutions for deploying industrial and service robots for enhanced flexibility and efficiency in intralogistics.

Exhibition director Michael Ruchty says: “Driven by the shortage of skilled labour and the need to cut costs, coupled with the flexibility and scalability of today’s systems, demand in the intralogistics industry continues trending toward non-stationary material handling technology.”

The dynamic growth of warehouse robotics inspired EUROEXPO, the organiser of LogiMAT, to devote the entire 10,500 sq m of Hall 6 to industrial and service robots, more than doubling last year’s exhibit space for this segment.

Huge scale

LogiMAT 2023 presents a vast collection of products and services from more than 1,500 exhibitors from around the world, supplemented by a seminar agenda focused on key trends and solutions in intralogistics.

They are set to cater to an international industry audience across 125,000 sq m of the fully booked exhibition centre—7% more exhibit space than last year. 

Michael Ruchty continues: “LogiMAT is back in April 2023 with another excellent opportunity to network, forge important strategic alliances, and have face-to-face meetings with key national and international players from a wide range of industry sectors.”

The percentage of exhibitors coming to this year’s LogiMAT from outside Germany has risen to nearly a third, reflecting the event’s increasingly international profile amid the current global economic climate. This trend is especially pronounced among the 200 first-time exhibitors, nearly 70% of which are based outside of Germany.

Easy on the feet

LogiMAT is aiming to be “easy on the feet” by grouping exhibitors by product category within the ten exhibit halls, with an improved layout this year. The largest exhibitor contingent is systems integrators and machinery and equipment manufacturers, who will present their latest products and solutions for moving goods efficiently in Halls 1 (including the Gallery), 3, 5, and 7. 

In Halls 9 and 10, and the open space between Halls 10 and 8, industrial truck manufacturers from around the world are presenting their latest innovations and forward-looking concepts. The innovations on display range from the latest forklifts, order picking vehicles, and AGVs with the latest features such as innovative alternatives to the steering wheel. You can also experience the latest developments in driver assistance and fleet management systems, “green performance” and alternative drive technologies, and battery and energy management. Exhibitors have announced plans to unveil never-before-exhibited reach trucks, electric counterbalance and multi-directional forklifts, vertical order pickers, narrow aisle trucks, low-lift pallet trucks, and much more.

Suppliers of software solutions for intralogistics, the second-largest contingent of exhibitors at LogiMAT 2023, are presenting a wide range of innovations in warehouse and transportation management systems in Hall 8. This includes new material flow computers, analytics modules for business and performance data, an EDI portal solution for exchanging documents without an ERP system, new cloud-based apps, and AI-powered tech for real-time imaging analysis.

RFID, AIDC, identification, and packaging/container segments are displaying their latest innovations in Halls 2 and 4 and on the entire south side of the East Entrance. Visitors can look forward to a broad spectrum of products ranging from next-gen plastic labels, new battery-free smart labels, scanning gates for code capture, on-the-fly and Airpop packaging for temperature-sensitive shipments, and cutting-edge fully automated end-to-end systems for paper bag packaging equipment.

For more information, visit www.logimat-messe.de