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Kite Packaging launches thermal labels and printers range

17 April 2024

THE COMPANY now offers a diverse selection of direct thermal and thermal transfer printers along with corresponding consumables, labels and ribbons.

With options to suit every budget and requirement, Kite’s new range of thermal labels and printers are great for start-ups, medium-sized businesses and large corporations.

The thermal printer collection includes desktop and mobile printers from world-leading brands, Zebra and TSC as well as their own-brand entry level printer.

Depending on the model, each printer offers: 

  • Connectivity via ethernet, USB and serial, with Wi-Fi and BT available as optional extras. 
  • A printing resolution of 203dpi.
  • Print speeds of 115mm to 203mm per second. 
  • Warranty of up to two years, with the thermal printheads guaranteed up to 50km or 2 years. 

Standard and Linerless Direct Thermal Printers Offered by Kite



  • DA220 (Linerless)

  • ZD621 (Linerless)

  • DA210 (Standard)

  • ZD421D (Standard)
  • Alpha 40 L (Linerless)

  • ZQ630 Plus (Linerless)

  • Alpha 40 L (Standard)

  • ZD421D (Standard)

In direct thermal printing, the printer applies heat to heat-sensitive labels using a thermal printhead, causing the precise area to darken and create the desired image or text. As these printers do not require ink, toner, or ribbon to print, they offer a simple and cost-effective solution for barcode and dispatch labelling. Further to this, they are known for their fast-printing speeds, high reliability and minimal maintenance, which makes direct thermal printers ideal for fast-paced, busy environments, such as warehouses and fulfilment centres, where operational efficiencies must be sustained. Not to mention that each printer features a rugged design, granting durability in industrial settings.  

Standard Thermal Transfer Printers Offered by Kite: 

  • ZD421T (standard)
  • TC200 (standard)

Offering greater durability of print thanks to their ribbon-based printing mechanism, these printers produce long-lasting, high-quality prints that can withstand exposure to chemicals, light, abrasion and water. For this reason, thermal transfer printing is ideal for manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and retail industries, where it is used for asset tracking, shelf labelling and blood bags, and cold and outdoor applications. These printers have a rugged design to provide dependable performance in industrial settings.

Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Labels

Complementing the printers, Kite’s thermal label range caters to both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing methods. These are available in core sizes of 19mm, 25mm, 25.4mm, 76mm and 76.2mm.

Benefits of Direct Thermal Labels: 

  • Cost-effective as they eliminate need for ink, toner and ribbons, reducing ongoing consumable costs. Also, reducing waste and environmental impact. 
  • Easy to operate and maintain, requiring minimal training.
  • Sharp, high-resolution prints suitable for barcode and shipping labels.

Kite also offers linerless direct thermal labels, Kite envirolabels, which solve the issue of managing backing liner waste by removing it altogether. With zero liner waste to worry about, businesses can reduce costs, speed up the flow of goods and experience streamlined processes.

Benefits of Linerless Labels: 

  • Uses 40% less paper.
  • More labels per roll compared to standard linered labels, resulting in a lower cost per label.
  • Reduced roll changes, eliminating the peeling, collecting, storing and disposing of liners and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Improved health and safety as reduced slip and trip hazards.
  • Flexibility in sizing and design, customisable up to point of printing aiding SKU reduction.

Benefits of Thermal Transfer Labels:

  • Long-lasting, high-quality prints, providing suitability to applications where resistance to moisture, chemicals and abrasion is required. 
  • Ability to print in colour unlike direct thermal, which prints in black. 

Thermal printers, labels and ribbons are now available for purchase at various price points depending on quantity bought at www.kitepackaging.co.uk. Wholesale discounts apply. 

For enquiries or assistance, please get in touch with Kite’s label specialists at envirolabel@kitepackaging.co.uk