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10 October 2022

Join us for the Safety in Logistics one day digital conference on November 23 - the event is focused on experts and leaders sharing lessons learned to promote safer warehousing and logistics operations.

THE DIGITAL conference has a number of exciting presentations to help operations professionals get proactive over safety. GXO UK & Ireland Director of Safety Lisa Spicer will present on Humanising Health & Safety: Cultural Shift from Compliance to Behaviour

GXO is on a structured programme to humanise its health, safety and well-being culture, by bringing to life the importance of protecting colleagues, customers and suppliers. We’ve made significant progress in changing the culture from compliance based to behaviour focussed. As a result of our efforts we have met our safety goals, and more importantly, we engaged our colleagues like never before, says the leading 3PL who will share its progress in the seminar.

The Health & Safety Executive will also present on Making the best use of the HSE’s MAC tool in logistics.

Matt Birtles will highlight the use of the MAC tool specifically for assessing manual handling in logistics, demonstrating the Variable Manual Handling Assessment Chart (V-MAC) tool for more accurate risk assessment and prioritisation of tasks. Matt is an experienced Principal Ergonomist who has focussed on the development and application of workplace MSD risk assessments and risk reductions for HSE for 20 years.

As part of this, he has developed and delivers training courses on workplace MSD risk management, leads HSE’s ergonomics consultancy services, supports HSE Policy on MSDs and has provided ergonomics guidance in most industrial sectors in the UK and internationally.

Also join Alison Phillips, the Head of Fire Safety Risk Management, Ocado, to hear about The lessons learned from the Andover fire in 2019 and hear how these lessons have enabled the business to become a leader in fire prevention and mitigation.

Alison Phillips is an innovative Risk Engineer with a career spanning over 20 years. She has held dynamic roles within consultancy, financial services and working directly for clients. Alison is now spearheading the fire safety strategy within Ocado Group.


We are delighted to announce Baumann and GMR Safety as sponsors for the Safety in Logistics digital conference. 

Baumann is a word-class sideloader manufacturer with over 50 years in the industry. Handling long loads with forklifts is dangerous, says the firm but can also be very slow, particularly on uneven ground. Block stacking also wastes time when loads need ‘digging out’ from the back of a row. Sideloaders offer a sensible, safe alternative. With a raised and front-facing position, sideloader operators are in a natural driving position with a clearer view. In its presentation, Baumann will expand on the safety benefits of sideloaders. 

For 25 years, GMR Safety has been operating with a strategic focus on people and products – to protect the lives of loading dock workers with its PowerChock solutions. Quality and innovation has driven GMR Safety. It creates, manufactures and adapts systems designed to effectively improve the safety of loading dock operations – while meeting the constraints of customers and partners. Its solutions are designed to protect human beings, and are robust, developed to last over time and recognised as the best restraint systems to prevent untimely departures.

The event brings together experts and solution providers with an A1 database of decision makers and safety professionals who are eager to learn how to make their operations as safe as possible.

Education is at the heart of the event, with attendees able to gain CPD hours by attending.

The event will take place on online on November 23.

You can register free here - https://bit.ly/3e1qEZi