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How Logistics 4.0 benefits from AI-based cameras

24 October 2023

Missing parcels? Delayed deliveries? Customer support regularly receives questions about the status of orders? AI-based cameras help to seamlessly track logistics chains.

THIS MAKES it easy to locate items thought to be lost, explain delivery delays plausibly and determine delivery information precisely. And that is not all – there is also considerable potential for optimisation in loading and unloading processes in many cases. 

Intelligent cameras control robotic arms or automated guided vehicles (AGVs), for example, so that all items are picked up and placed in the correct position. This often saves valuable space. Moreover, it reduces the risk of product damage to a minimum. In such cases, it is practical to run artificial intelligence directly on industrial cameras. As compact, AI-based embedded vision systems, IDS NXT cameras perform image processing tasks directly on- the-edge and can provide results without additional PCs. Information can then be passed directly to interconnected systems via REST and OPC-UA. 

User-friendly: cloud software for a neural network 

The cameras are part of the comprehensive IDS NXT system. It contains all the necessary tools and workflows with which individual, AI-based image processing applications can be easily created. Another important component is the AI vision studio IDS lighthouse. It enables users to create their individual neural network without having to set up a development environment, nor do they need any special knowledge of image processing, camera programming or Deep Learning. 

The path to their own neural network comprises three essential steps: Upload sample images, label the images and then start the fully automatic training. The generated network can then be run on the IDS NXT industrial cameras, turning them into inference cameras. 

AI in a package: unpack, connect, get started 

Anyone who wants to test the potential of intelligent cameras as easily as possible should pick up the IDS NXT Experience Kit. This provides users with all the necessary components in one package – including a software licence and a useful "Getting Started Guide". It has never been easier to get started with AI-based image processing!

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