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Luxury retailer backed by advanced automation

30 September 2022

BestSecret, a members-only online fashion retailer, has signed a long-term agreement with CEVA to manage logistics and operations at a new 80,000 sq m eCommerce fulfillment centre in Sulechów, Poland.

THE FULFILLMENT centre’s throughput and efficiency will be supported by advanced automation solutions, including a tote conveyor system and a dynamic tote buffer. The storage area will include a five-storey pick tower.

The facility is expected to begin operations in Spring 2023. Together with BestSecret, CEVA's on-site team will handle designer garments from approximately 3,000 different brands and ship them to BestSecret customers across Europe.

The design and launch of the fulfillment centre are being managed in close partnership between the two companies. CEVA’s management of the fulfillment centre operations will include acceptance of incoming goods, quality control, storage of goods, picking and shipping customer orders across Europe, shipping goods to BestSecret stores, as well as other value-added services.

The greenfield fulfillment centre will have a significant number of loading docks. Inside, the facility will be equipped with a wide range of packaging machines. Overall, the facility is designed to give full flexibility to extend or add new functionality in response to market or operational requirements.

To support BestSecret's rapid growth, CEVA and BestSecret have developed a modular structure that will allow operations to expand as soon as possible. The capacity of the Sulechów fulfillment centre is expected to grow to be at least 1.5 times the size of the existing BestSecret fulfillment centre in Germany.

For more information, visit www.cevalogistics.com