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MAN automates production logistics

29 February 2024

THE PROJECT involves the automation of material supply at the engine plant in Nuremberg with the SOTO mobile robot from Magazino.

The SOTO mobile robot automates material supply between the warehouse and assembly line, transporting small load carriers (SLCs) completely autonomously. Following a one-year pilot project, the entire small load carrier supply process for engine assembly and future battery production will be automated with twelve SOTO robots starting in autumn of this year.

Magazino and MAN have been working together closely and in an application-oriented manner in the field of logistics automation since 2019 and have already pooled their specific expertise during the development phase of the SOTO robots. The functionality of the robots was extensively tested and optimised in live operation during a one-year pilot phase. Based on this positive trial, the MAN site in Nuremberg decided to deploy a fleet of twelve SOTO robots for the complete automation of small parts logistics.

MAN project manager Simon Becker, says: “The introduction of SOTO marks a further step towards the future of logistics in the latest development of our plant in Nuremberg. Thanks to SOTO, the provisioning process with small load carriers is now also fully automated. These robots are, therefore, also exemplary for the ongoing digitalisation and automation of our plant logistics and thus contribute to our overarching strategy. It is impressive to see how efficiently and harmoniously humans and robots can work together. The decision to introduce the SOTO robots is the result of many years of trustful cooperation with Magazino, which reflects our commitment to technological excellence and continuous improvement.”

Each robot brings up to 18 containers at a time to the individual assembly lines. They work in the same environment as humans and other mobile robots. At the assembly line, the SOTO robots place the containers, which currently weigh 12kg, directly onto the shelves. 

For more information, visit www.magazino.eu