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Machine learning boosts WMS

15 May 2019

JDA has launched a warehouse tasking tool to intelligently optimise tasks in real-time.

JDA Software has introduced the machine learning driven Luminate Warehouse Tasking, part of the JDA Luminate Logistics family of solutions, which extends and enhances JDA Warehouse Management and other WMS.

This native SaaS add-on solution built on Microsoft Azure intelligently optimises tasks in near real-time using powerful ML algorithms to improve efficiency across the warehouse, delivering more value to even the most complex global supply chains.

“Maintaining the highest level of efficiency and the lowest cost of operations is always a challenge in today’s fast-paced environment. Luminate Warehouse Tasking starts with the end in mind by determining what tasks are most important to the bottom line and escalates those over lesser priority tasks, bringing the power of ML to warehouse operations,” said Scott Zickert, group vice president, product management, JDA.

“Luminate Warehouse Tasking is a powerful new capability that exemplifies the innovation being developed across the Luminate portfolio that extends and enhances JDA’s core solutions, preparing our customers for the transformative technologies that will make the Autonomous Supply Chain a reality.”

Luminate Warehouse Tasking solves the problem of peaks and valleys in labour utilisation that come from traditional wave operations. JDA’s optimised tasking capabilities use ML algorithms to focus labor on priorities for timely shipments at reduced costs, even with aggressive service levels. Tasks are de-escalated and escalated and prioritised based on due date, starting with the end date in mind to meet more aggressive service level expectations while reducing costs. Optimised tasking also enables the labor force to be focused on the most important task at any given time helping customers maintain a loyal, skilled labour force in a competitive market.

Key capabilities in Luminate Warehouse Tasking include:

  • Continuous, near real-time task optimisation
  • Task prioritisation based on travel times, due times and real-time resource location
  • Dynamic task prioritisation based on due times and locations, reducing travel times between tasks
  • Smart appointment scheduling, dock scheduling and yard management capabilities enable customers to deliver on time and in full
  • Value through visualisation: side-by-side comparison of current and optimised plan via dashboard
  • Easy to pilot and seamlessly onboard accelerating time-to-value
  • Ability to tie replenishments to picking offering a smooth and efficient workflow

Learn more about Luminate Warehouse Tasking here.