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Major traceability deal

11 November 2021

ROCKWELL AUTOMATION has partnered with traceability platform Kezzler to help manufacturers capture the journey of their products from raw material to point-of-sale or beyond using cloud-based supply chain solutions that focus on product traceability.

The combined offering is ideal for customers in industries like life sciences, food and beverage, and consumer packaged goods that are focused on complying with regulatory requirements and meeting consumer expectations in areas like product quality, safety, and sustainability.

“Our partnership with Kezzler will provide greater supply chain transparency to enhance safety and quality control measures, ensure regulatory compliance, and meet ESG goals with cloud-based technologies that are easy to implement and easy to use,” says Matt Fordenwalt, Rockwell Automation vice president and general manager, Systems & Solutions Business.

Rockwell’s supply chain capabilities will combine with Kezzler’s traceability technologies to help customers connect suppliers, manufacturing, logistics, and consumers into one real-time traceability platform. Kezzler’s cloud-based solution provides integration flexibility and ease of access to existing systems of record that incorporate a wide range of technologies from immutable ledgers (blockchain) to traditional databases.

For more information, visit www.kezzler.com